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    newbee doing video... assistance needed

      OK... I may not be doing this the right way so I can take the correction anyone gives me. I am very much a novice at action scripting.

      I want to show a small video on the web and I have Flash MX 2004 Pro. I like to keep it as simple as possible. This is the ideal situation for me.

      Scene 1, frame 1: Have screen shot of video clip (.jpg). Also have a "play" button or text to go to next scene.

      Scene 2, frame 1: Have linked (not embedded) .mov file play automatically when the scene appears. Have a "play" button or text and a "stop" button or text.

      I don't want the controls under the video so I'll be placing them over the image/video. I don't want to embed the video because it is too large. Can someone give me simple direction for creating this? Thanks!!