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    Bug ? - Cut and Paste all to a vitual copy chages dimensions.

    AlanUniqueName Level 2

      I have an image from a 7D to which I have only applied Enable Lens Profile, Remove CA, Constrain to warp, Manual Vert Perspective and Crop with Constrain Aspect Ratio Switched off.

      The cropped dimensions of this image is now 2763 x 4472.


      If I copy all settings and paste to a fresh untouched virtual copy of this image the resulting size is 2752 x 4453.

      The shot is part of a bracketed tripod shoot in AV mode, if I copy and paste to the other two untouched images the resulting size is also 2752 x 4453.


      I am struggling to understand why I am seeing this behavior.

      Have I missed something obvious, or is this likely a bug and if so has it been reported before?


      Thanks for any help.





      LR 5.2RC Win 7x84.