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    Why require an attended installer?

      First, thanks for providing this, I suspect it will be quite helpful, even given the limitations listed here so excuse the gripes as constructive feedback.

      Out of the gate, I have issue with requiring an attended installation and a graphical one at that. This assumes several things about the environment that are problematic for standard *nix. First, although I may have an apache installation, it's typically owned by a mix of root and apache application users. I can't and won't go and simply muck with an apache installation for something I can't see first and know what it's going to do. I'm then stuck with either copying an entire apache installation around as a normal user, or running the installer as root. Installing as root is further problematic (putting aside the fact that near as I can tell, none of these bits need to be and therefore shouldn't be root owned) because most root users don't have X access. So, I'm now left with hacking X access or changing to the Apache user before I can even get the installer to run, again extra steps that shouldn't be required. Finally, the graphical installer assumes I even have a windowing system available at all (which many or our systems don't). I'm all for providing it, but not as the only option.

      In the end a tarball/zip and README would have been preferable and given that this is a labs project, I think acceptable to the community at large.
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          Ivascu Cristian
          Hi Erik,
          The module is intended to be used on the developer's machine, and not on a server, in production mode. This type of usage is not recommended because of performance and possible security issues.
          You can install as root even when logged in as another user, by starting the install process with "sudo sh myInstaller" and it should all work just fine.
          As for the alternate, manual installation, it is indeed an option, and we will try to see what we can do about it.

          Thanks for giving it a spin,