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    Has anyone experienced file extensions not being recognised by the right program?

    Ryadia™ Level 1

      I'm using CC -- the whole show, Win 7 Pro and Win 8 Pro on a second PC. Only the Win 7 system is showing this issue but both systems have identical software. Click on an inDesign file and Acrobat tries to open it.

      Click on a Photoshop file and a HDR application called 'Luminance' tries to open it.


      Use the traditional method of choosing the program to open the files with is a waste of time. They still try to be opened by the same apps. I'm no newby here. I know my way around the registry and tried altering that to set the file to program relationship. Next boot and it's as if I'd never altered the registry in the first place.


      This is strictly a work PC, not the sort of thing you'd expect to contract a virus or malware but I installed Microsoft Security Essencials and did a 'Home visit' from a well known AV company. Nothing out of the ordinary on either machine.


      When I bought this system in 2010, I had an issue installing Windows on it. I had to get a MS technician to log on remotely and do the install. (Hour and half so it must have been significant) but since then it has run daily without any issues. Except for a plug-in suite called onOne 5,6 and 7. Whenever I tried to use it with Photoshop, it would open two versions of itself and take out or freeze Photoshop.


      There is only one app in that suite I ever use so part of the refund was providing a stand-alone version of that app. I've pretty much convinced myself that their suite is the cause of the issue with file extensions  but getting anyone to admit they have flakey software is like trying make a horse talk another human language.


      The most recent issue started not long after I installed Luminance HDR, A free app that does a great job of tone mapping. I also use Luminance on the second PC that does not display these any of these problems. It has gotten so bad from trying to install the onOne app as a plugin,(another waste of money, it still kills Photoshop) that I can no longer use file manager to choose a file to open with any Adobe cc program I have. Today I targeted the motherboard and flashed the BIOS, and replaced all the drivers with new versions also.


      Still doing it, GRRRR! I can't believe I'm the only one who has this problem so I'm posting here in the hope I'm not alone and might get a pointer or three on how to fix it. No harm in hoping, is there?



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          Curt Y Level 7

          In the old CSx versions that was controlled in Bridge.  Edit/preferences/file type associations.

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            Ryadia™ Level 1

            Well, well, well... Nothing has changed. Somehow or another Adobe has managed to truly take control of Windows 7.


            I updated Bridge or more correctly... The Cloud did and every files extension in Bridge had 'none' as the application. Lovely stuff. Now All I want to know is why did Adobe take control of Windows file manager and cause this much grief?


            I almost never use the clunky and often impossible to manage Bridge. Simple freeware... Irfanview is way more elegant than Bridge and 10 times more useful IMO.


            Well thanks for the heads up Curt. I never considered the full implication of giving Adobe the freedom to add and remove whatever they wanted to... Forget the don't fix what isnt broken thing... Just pour everything we've got in the cloud onto all the  members PCs, eh? Hard drives are cheap and hey, what are forums for when things go wrong if it isn't to keep Adobe informed of bugs they can silently fix and pour 'em back into the cloud as fixes.


            Ha,ha you just gotta love progress eh?


            This is really going to take on. I can see it now... For every mess up of a PC -- "THE CLOUD DID IT"!!!