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    CS6/CC - switching between source monitor and timeline disaster

    Admiral Cook Level 1

      Now what is this?


      It all works fine until you try DV Output.


      In DV Output mode every time you switch between source monitor and the timeline it goes to some scary ritual:


      1. output disabled on external monitor

      2. some crazy flickering happens

      3. ok, now updated picture on external monitor finally appears


      Same happens when switching back to timeline.


      Also when scrubbing through timeline video and audio is late for a few centuries on DV device/external monitor/speaker.


      Why Adobe screwed firewire environment editing? I'm thinking about changing my job. Editing with Premiere is killing me lately. I'm thinking about starting to work with bees or strawberries, or something else less frustrating.


      And Premiere CS 5.5 was the best editing software ever released. It has no similar problems. Why CS6 and CC are retarded?