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    Would like to transition my BC sites to one of my free Cloud sites


      I have three Adobe accounts:  a BC web site for which I am paying $39 s a month. I have a cloud account and I have a forms Central account. I would like to transition my BC site to one of my free cloud web sites. One of the problems is, there is no record of me owning a BC account, even though Adobe is taking the payments out monthly.


      I have contacted adobe support, billing and have had no help in resolving this problem. I have called support and been told there is no phone support for BC. so if it can be resolved,  it looks like it is going to be a the speed a turtle travels through of back and forth postings.


      I am ready to walk away from the BC site and create a new one in the Cloud, but not sure if I am financially responsible for the invisable BC account that keeps debiting my checking account.


      Obviously the ideal solution would be for me to be able to tranistion the site, but if this buck gets passed anymore it is liable to end up in the NFL draft. Please help me with a resolution rather than another Adobe department transfer. Thanks you -tom