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    Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator CC crash after UI loads


      For 5 days and 20 hours i have been trying to sort this issue out, these 3 apps crash after the UI loads, no crash log or error message is displayed it simply quits.


      After trying every fix mentioned on the forums

      1. Fonts

      2  Premission

      3. Reinstall CC

      4. Update OS

      5. ACL's

      6. ODBM

      7. Pref files


      I rang adobe, 2.5hours on the phone, transfered to 6 different departments, and even when i had the error in the console app in front of me regarding a cocoa submenu not working the person on the phone wouldnt take it because it wasnt a crash report in the diagnostics folder.


      OK i may be an ex apple genius, and my standards of customer service are very high, but Adobe you have a serious problem, your customer service is diabolical, as an IT manager i cannot spent the whole morning trying to fix one laptop. You have people on the phone reading from a script who cannot think for themselves.


      If another supplier cam along id consider moving away from adobe as in the last 5 years its been all down hill.


      And yes my issue still is not resolved, will now do a complete erase and install of the OS then adobe CC.