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    Want Slide to Last Longer than Voice

      I have created slides and they want to stop when my voice stops. How do I change the setting such that the slide continues to the end pass the time my voice stops?
      I want to record one voice dialog per slide. How do I select this setting?
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          CatBandit Level 3
          Welcome to the forums. Open the project to slide-edit view to view the timeline (normally at the top of the workspace). The bottom item on the timeline is the audio and the item immediately above that is the "slide" object. Extend the time for the slide-object in either of several ways:

          1) Move the mouse pointer over the right-end of that slide-object until it changes to a two-way arrow, then left-click-and-hold while dragging the slide-object's right-end to a new (longer) position on the timeline.

          ... OR ...

          2) Double-click the slide-object on the timeline (or on the filmstrip) to open the slide's "Properties" panel. Then adjust the setting for "Display Time" of the slide.

          Either way, the audio will remain unchanged on the timeline, so lengthening the slide duration will create additional time after the audio completes play.

          Have a very nice day!
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            CatBandit Level 3
            To your second question regarding how you add audio to each slide (sorry I missed that in the reply above), do the following:

            1) Open the project to slide-edit view.
            2) Go to the first slide on which you wish to add audio
            3) Click the "Audio" button on the upper toolbar to open slide-audio Properties
            4) Click "Record" and begin recording
            5) Click the square blue "Stop" button when done recording slide audio
            ... At the right end of the top audio bar there are two arrows, one for "Last" and the other for "Next" ...
            6) Click the "Next" arrow on the right-end to move to the next slide in the movie
            7) Record audio as necessary for that slide
            8) Rinse and repeat until done adding audio to all slides.
            9) Save often.