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    Premiere Pro CC does not open MOD files correctly




      I just started using the Adobe Creative Cloud as a trial, in particular the Premiere Pro CC software, since it might be relevant, I am working on a mac (completely updated as of yesterday).


      I have a JVC GZ-MG505 camcorder. This device saves the video files on an internal HDD in a file format called MOD. From what I have been able to see when searching on the web, this should be nothing more than a MPEG-2 file.


      So, I tried importing some video files into Premiere Pro and to my surprise, I noticed that a whole strip on the right hand side of the image is missing. The original is recorded in a widescreen (16:9) format with 720x576 pixels and Premiere Pro gives me a file with 540x576 pixels. I have tried using the Interpret Footage to change this, but it doesn't let me change the number of pixels. I also tried opening the files in Adobe Media Encoder and I have exactly the same results as in Premiere Pro. However, opening the files in VLC or mPlayer they come out exactly as expected with all the pixels there. Has anyone come accross this problem before or can anyone help me with solving this?


      I could try reencoding the files with VLC, but the output file is much smaller than the input file, so I am afraid I am loosing some definition.


      So, just to restate my problem, the adobe products open my MOD files without complaining, but for some reason they loose a strip 180 pixels wide on the right hand side of the image.