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    Problems with Adobe Premiere Elements 4.0. HELP?




      I've been trying to edit a short film for weeks now but I have quite a few problems with Premiere Elements 4.0. To start with I have a Windows 7 Toshiba Satellite L750-16L with Intel Pentium.


      The first and main problem is that I can't import AVCHD (.mts) and Quick Time (.MOV) footage. I have a K-Lite Codec Pack to let me import and export certain types of footage but it seems to not like the footage I want to import.


      Another problem I have is that I can't export the project without the program crashing, and sometimes it just crashes or freezes randomly.


      I've tried emptying The Cache and using diffrent project settings but with no success.


      If anyone has any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated as I'm stumped about where to go from here.




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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          No. The ability to edit AVCHD footage was not a part of version 4.  That ability was not added until version 7 -- and not really well developed until version 10. Simply adding codecs to your computer won't make it happen. The program just hasn't got the stuff to handle it!


          In fact, even with versions 10 or 11, you may have trouble editing AVCHD video on a Pentium. In my book, I recommend at least a dual-core 2.6 ghz processor with 4 or more gigs of RAM for editing AVCHD.


          So I'm sorry, but you may not be equipped to work with this type of video on anything other than Windows Live Moviemaker.

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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Convert AVCHD to a "maybe" easier to edit codec http://forums.adobe.com/thread/390605 - but no way to be sure that will work for version 4


            Also, installing k-lite MAY cause problems

            Do NOT use k-lite http://forums.adobe.com/thread/998329 and http://forums.adobe.com/thread/998033


            >sometimes it just crashes or freezes randomly


            What MAY help is to right click the program icon and select WinXP compatibility mode from the popup option window


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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              True. AVCHD was not supported until Premiere Elements 7. Those with Premiere Elements 4 on Windows typically converted the AVCHD to another format so that they could use Premiere Elements 4 as the video editor, providing they had enough computer resources for the task. Yet, there were some who could use AVCHD with Premiere Elements 4.0, but they were the ones working from a Sony Vaio that offered a special plug-in for the AVCHD support and the same computer resources considerations.


              Putting aside the AVCHD.mts.


              What has not been mentioned yet is your report of not being able to work with what you describe a QuickTime (mov) footage. What are the properties of this footage...video and audio compressions, frame size, frame rate, progressive or interlaced, etc? Do you have the latest version of QuickTime installed on your computer with Premiere Elements 4? And, is your Premiere Elements 4 set Run As Administrator and/or from a User Account with Administrative Privileges?


              Versions of Premiere Elements earlier than 10 are 32 bit applications which run into limitations of the 32 bit operating system. Computer resources and the demands on it from a large sized project may enter into the mix. But, let us clear up the QuickTime (mov) footage situation.