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    PDF export view not correct




      When i export my form to PDF via distribure the view in PDF is dirrerent then i edit it.

      For example my logo in the program is centered in the middle of the page. When i open it in PDF it is standing all left.


      Also with a multi choice questions i have 8 answers + the option "choose different" selected. In my editor view the answers are listed: 3-3-2 and below the Dfferent option


      After saving it as PDF its organized like 4-3-1 and the Different option is lined all to the right.


      This is the editor (correct)12.JPG


      This is the PDF



      WHat i did.

      - I fully remake the question

      - I removed the Different(anders, namelijk in dutch) option

      - I reorganised the answer options.


      I am running a bit out of options.


      The Reader i use is acrobat reader.


      Please advise