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    Photoshop Express 3.0 - Information on in app purchases, looks and borders

    Pattie F Employee Moderator

      Thank you for using Photoshop Express. In our latest 3.0 version, we revamped the rendering engine in order to deliver great new effects, improved editing controls and a streamlined user experience. That means some things you were familiar with may not be available in this version.


      • In-app purchases have been renamed
        • The “Effects Pack” that you previously purchased has been renamed "Premium Looks Pack". You still have access to this Pack.


        • The “Camera Pack”, which provided Noise Reduction, is now called "Noise" and can be found in the Corrections slider menu.

      • Restoring in-app purchases. You do not have to initiate a re-purchase.
        • If you've previously purchased either of the packs above, they are still available to you by restoring your purchase, which is accessed in Settings.

      • Other changes
        • Previous Effects and Borders have been replaced with Looks, Premium Looks, and Borders. Some of the new looks replicate many of the most popular effects. We will be adding new borders, looks and sharpen controls in future releases.

      We appreciate your feedback and will take it into consideration for future releases.  We value you as a customer, and hope you like the new borders and looks and continue to enjoy using Photoshop Express.