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    Why is 'extrusion' not available in Geometry Options?

    leah r heiser Level 1

      Hello Adobe Forums!


      I'm back with another question. I am working on a small "commercial" type video and there's a portion of it that I am trying to complete in After Effects.


      I want to take our city's seal and extrude it.


      Now as easy as this sounds to you, I have had the upmost difficulty getting it to happen!


      I spent some time in Photoshop making it look exactly how I wanted it to. But the 3D effects would not transfer over to After Effects. After a lot of research, I found out that CS6 doesn't do well with 3D files from Photoshop (except after some update that may or may not have already taken place, but our programs are fully up to date as of this morning). So I brought the 1D image into AE and turned it into a 3D layer, and changed my composition from Classic 3D to Ray-Traced. Now, once this has been done, the options under Geometry Options should be; Bevel Style, Bevel Depth, Hole Bevel Depth, and Extrusion Depth. However, in MY program the geometry options that come up are Curvature and Segments.


      Why is this? What am I missing?


      Also, if you need screen shots, please let me know!


      Thank you!!