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    Beeping when opening .psd - Windows 7 64-bit


      It doesn't come from the computer (not BIOS beeps), but through the speakers. I've isolated it down to when I open a .psd file, any .psd file, I hear several beeps ranging from 5-13+ beeps. I think it might be a warning of some sort, I've checked my event viewer, but there isn't any log.


      I think it may have something to do with the file size, the smaller the size, the fewer the beeps. The larger the size, the more beeps - i.e. a 7mb .psd file yielded 4 beeps, a 24mb .psd file yielded about 20 beeps.


      Anyone else experience this? I just find it odd that it only happens in this application and only when I open a .psd.