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    Colored highlighting of text

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      Hello everybody. I'm a relative noob with ActionScript, and often the solutions I come up with are needlesly complicated due to me not being aware of a simpler solution. So before I embark I'd just like to bounce this off of anybody. Any feedback is most appreciated.

      I want a paragraph of text to become "highlightable" with highlighter markers (dragable movie clips), 4 colors in all. I know the background color of a text box can be set, but in this case I want sentences, individual words, etc. to be able to have their background color change. I was thinking that I'd have to convert the text to paths, change each word to a movie clip and then script a behavior so each word movie clip changes color when a marker makes contact with them. This seems like iti will be a very tedious process, but at this moment it's the only strategy I've come up with.

      Any alternative solutions?