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    Adobe Flash Player


      I have installed Adobe Flash player and it says it's enabled but the pop up box won't stop popping up no matter how I answer allow or don't allow?  Any help here???

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          Mike M Level 6

          Flash Player NEEDS to allow some data to store or "cache" on your system in order to keep video from stopping and restarting constantly. Somehow your storge settings got corrupted or deleted and it's asking for each new video or site you try to view.


          Go to your Flash Player Global Settings (Easiest to access by right clicking ANY Flash Content and choosing "Global Settings")

          Under the Storage tab, make sure "Allow sites to save information on this computer" is checked.

          System PreferencesScreenSnapz002.jpg

          The screenshot is Mac, but it's the same for Windows.

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            wandagatorkelly Level 1

            Thank you, I will try all this, not the sharpest computer setter