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    Can't Open CC project file in CS6

    melpgkl Level 1

      I edited my videos in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, but I can't open the CC project file in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. The message says 'The project appears to be damaged, it cannot be opened.' Is there a way to convert the project so that it works for CS6?

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          Steven L. Gotz Level 5



          Very few Premiere Pro projects can be opened in earlier versions of the software.


          They have built that ability into some of the Adobe apps, but not Premiere Pro.


          I suggest you dance with the one who brought you.

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            Zac Lam Adobe Employee

            You can try exporting your sequence to FCP XML and opening that up in CS6.

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              dsfsdsdfsdffdsf Level 2

              XML export? AAF? That'll only get you the sequences, but you could lay everything down to rushes sequences too and rebuild that way. Should only take 10 minutes. But yeah, totally agree with everything Steve Gotz said above. When has it ever been possible?

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                denez mcadoo Level 1

                I used to open up CS6 projects in CS5.5 by opening the .prproj file in a text editor and changing ther version number at the top of the file from, I think "25" to "24" and then it would open just fine.


                Is this no longer possible going from CC to CS6?

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                  Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                  I tried changing 26 to 25 and it was insufficient. It went from telling me that the file was saved in a later version to telling me that the file was damaged or contained outdated elements.


                  I have posted two files. One is from a CC project where I changed the extension to .gz and the unzipped it to see the XML. The other is pretty much the same file from CS6. Not identical but close enough.


                  You can download them from here:


                  Right Click and save here for the CS6 file


                  Right Click and save here for the CC file

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                    Fuzzy Barsik Level 4
                    I tried changing 26 to 25 and it was insufficient. It went from telling me that the file was saved in a later version to telling me that the file was damaged or contained outdated elements.

                    Just for the record: I was able to successfully open up both projects in CS5.5

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                      joe bloe premiere Level 5

                      Just for the record: I was able to successfully open up both projects in CS5.5

                      Just to expand on the record...

                      I have opened the "from-CC.prproj" in both CS5 and CS6:








                      Aside from the missing "Video-Frame-White-Test.jpg", all is well.


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                        Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        Opening is not enough you need all the assets, effects, titles etc. intackt.

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                          joe bloe premiere Level 5


                          I realize there might be incompatible effects/assets in a complete Project,

                          but I don't know what was in his original CC7* Project (link in post 10).

                          Maybe Steven can confirm?


                          At very least it looks as if a simple, cut and dissolve only Project

                          created in CC7* can possibly be opened in earlier versions.


                          Maybe Steven can work his 'rename to .gz / unzip / XML' magic

                          with a basic cut / dissolve / Motion Effect CC7* Project and zip it up

                          with the associated media and post it for download and testing?


                          * Premiere Pro CC (7.0.1)

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                            Peter_Elements Level 1

                            If you quit CC and have to go back to an old project, you can always just pay for a month of PPCC. $20 is not to bad. You should be able to open an older version in a newer app.

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                              Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                              There isn't much to the file.


                              The JPG is just a JPG. Nothing interesting. It was just something I had sitting in a folder from another project. Replace it with any 1920X1080 image. Then I put in a white matte. Nothing to it.



                              So how did you open it?


                              I wonder if the issue might be that I have CC and you don't? So yours opens without complaint amd my installation of CC stops it from opening in CS6? Odd, but possible, I suppose.

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                                joe bloe premiere Level 5

                                So how did you open it?

                                I downloaded your file: "from-CC.prproj" (link in post 10).

                                I duplicated the Project and renamed it: "from-CC_Version23_CS5".

                                I opened the file in Dreamweaver, and changed '26' to '23', then saved:


                                I opened the altered file "from-CC_Version23_CS5" in CS5.0.3.

                                On opening in CS5.0.3, I got this error message:


                                I clicked "OK".

                                The Project opens asking for location of "Video-Frame-White-Test.jpg".

                                I clicked "Offline".

                                The Project opened, and Sequence Properties are 1920x1080@29.97:


                                I replaced your .jpg with a stock clip:


                                I saved the file in CS5.0.3, then exited.

                                Then I opened and renamed the saved file in CS6.0.5:





                                I was unable to alter the 'Version Number" to from '26' to '25'

                                and open the Project directly into CS6.0.5:


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                                  Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                                  Interesting to say the least. I never had versions 4 through 5.5 so I can't recreate your efforts, but I am willing to bet that there are people who will be very interested in your results.


                                  Nice work.

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                                    Fuzzy Barsik Level 4

                                    What happens if you replace "26" with "23" (or "24") and then try to open that project file right in CS6?

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                                      joe bloe premiere Level 5

                                      What happens if you replace "26" with "23" (or "24") and then try to open that project file right in CS6?

                                      No workie... I had to go through CS5.0.3 first.


                                      Editing to: Version="23" will not open directly in CS6.0.5.

                                      Editing to: Version="24" will not open directly in CS6.0.5.


                                      This error message with both tests:


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                                        Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                                        What happens if you replace "26" with "23" (or "24") and then try to open that project file right in CS6?

                                        I had already tried it with 23, but I just tried 24 hoping it might work. No luck.


                                        If I open it in Pr CC it tells me that it was saved in an older version and offers to save it to a new name. No problem there.


                                        I then tried 22 just to see. No luck opening it in CS6 either.


                                        My guess is that Pr 5.5 is more lenient than CS6 in some way?


                                        But that means that someone who has CS5.5 can help people with CS6 if need be. It is still a good thing to know.

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                                          joe bloe premiere Level 5

                                          I used CS5.0.3.

                                          I don't have CS5.5.

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                                            Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                                            I used CS5.0.3.

                                            I don't have CS5.5.

                                            Then that might be the secret ingredient. Either way, perhaps you could hang a shingle "Premiere Pro conversions done cheap". There could be a little side business there. Seriously, I doubt there is much money in it, but you could be a hero to quite a few folks I imagine.

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                                              joe bloe premiere Level 5

                                              Take a look at this:


                                              CC7* Project for download:

                                              Editing video in Premiere Pro for the first time? This project is for you.



                                              CC7* File: "Eagles_Doc_Final.prproj" opened in CS6.0.5:




                                              * Premiere Pro CC (7.0.1)

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                                                Fuzzy Barsik Level 4

                                                Keep crashing on CS5.5

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                                                  joe bloe premiere Level 5

                                                  CS5.0.3 was a bit wonky when I first opened the Project there.

                                                  I skipped relinking media, and didn't do anything but re-save then exit.




                                                  After save / exit in CS5.0.3,

                                                  I opened it n CS6.0.5 and re-linked the media there.



                                                  The CC7* Project is saved with all bins in "Icon View".

                                                  That may be why the Project Panel is blacked out in CS5.0.3.


                                                  Here is what it looks like on initial opening in CS6.0.5:



                                                  * Premiere Pro CC (7.0.1)

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                                                    Fuzzy Barsik Level 4

                                                    OK. I was crashing immediately after clicking either 'Skip All' or 'Make All Offline'. Nevertheless, with good old trick of importing a project into a project I won

                                                    PrPro. Opening CC project in CS5.5.jpg

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                                                      joe bloe premiere Level 5



                                                      Here is the Sequence "04 Completed' from the CC7* Project:

                                                      "Eagles_Doc_Final.prproj" (link in post 34) exported out of CS6.0.5:


                                                      * Premiere Pro CC (7.0.1)

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                                                        Motasim Billah Level 1

                                                        Hi Bro you see the video.

                                                        See ►http://youtu.be/ZpRZwVL8arU

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                                                          Steven L. Gotz Level 5



                                                          If you are trying to say that you can't open perfectly good Premiere Pro CC projects in Premiere Pro CS6 even though CS6 projects open just fine.... We know. It is not supposed to be possible. It has seldom been possible to go back to an older version. Upgrade all of your computers to use Premiere Pro CC or don't make the mistake of working in CC and then attempting to go back to CS6.

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                                                            Eberswalde Level 1

                                                            I found the following work-around: not perfect, but quite good.



                                                            • Premiere 6.5 projects can be directly opened in CS6 or earlier just by changing the extension from .ppj to .prproj


                                                            • Make a copy of the original .prproj file and name it Name_audio-only.prproj
                                                            • Export sequence(s) as FCP XML from CC - multiple sequences can be selected OR select Project Panel to export entire project (Attention: Most video - even intrinsic ones like motion, opacity etc. and audio effects are not correctly translated! Check beforehand that all 3rd party plugins are installed in all versions of PPro!)
                                                            • Save a copy of the project as Name_video-only.prproj and delete all audio tracks or audio clips from all sequences that contain video effects
                                                            • Close PPro CC project


                                                            • If the PPro CC project file is compressed, add .gz as extension and extract with 7zip
                                                              • To disable compression in CC:
                                                                • (DELETED) Mod note: do not give information about the engineering console in a public forum.
                                                            • Open in Notepad++
                                                            • Edit version number change (4th line) from 26 to 23 or 24 and open the project in PPro CS5.0.3 or PPro 5.5.2 and save it.
                                                            • If there should be a color picker dialogue box while opening click Cancel (as this is most probably for Adjustment Layer which are not supported in CS5.5)
                                                            • If PPro CS5.5 shows a Log of non-translated effects etc., copy and paste them into a text file with the project name for later reference. 
                                                              • PPro Version numbers:
                                                                • 23>CS5
                                                                • 24>CS5.5
                                                                • 25>CS6
                                                                • 26>CC
                                                                • 27>CC 2014
                                                              • A simple change to 23 and opening it directly in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 does not work! (Liegt wahrscheinlich an den Audiotracks, da Projekte mit Sequenzen, die nur Video enthalten, teilw. geöffnet werden können.)
                                                              • It is possible to open a PPro CS6 project directly in CS5.5 by editing the version number from 25 to 24.


                                                            • Open this project Name_video-only.prproj in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and convert it to CS6 project - now you have all the sequences with the supported video effects
                                                            • Import FCP XML project file(s) into PPro CS6 and copy the audio tracks from the corresponding sequences (or vice versa: copy video tracks so they align synchronously again)



                                                            • Gotcha’s:
                                                              • Through Edits, Adjustment Layers, Time Remapping, 3rd party filters, plugins, transitions may not be correctly translated!

                                                            PRPROJ File Associations

                                                            After installing an update to PPro, Windows will change the default program to the latest program version, e.g. CC. If you want to revert those to CS6, you cannot simply do it with Rightclick>Open with>C hange default program..


                                                            There is a way to change the setting in the Windows Registry:

                                                            Open regedit.exe as Administrtor

                                                            HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/Adobe.Premiere.Pro.Project. >  shell/open/command and change the path in “” to the correct program version.


                                                            You can also do a search in the section of HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/Adobe.Premiere.(with various endings following the word "Premiere") and change all remaining instances.

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                                                              lostsm Level 1

                                                              Long story short, i needed to work on PP CC to use its new multi-cam function through audio. It did a very good job, edited all the parts as intended so when i needed to get back to PP cs6... i couldn't.

                                                              After reaching this post and reading plenty of suggestions this is what worked perfectly for me: Exported my working timeline for FinalCut xml, opened a new project in PP CS6 and imported xml just as is with all linked media e sequences. the video and audio would seem off but i chose all of my media and made them offline (remain on hdd option) and then relinked them. well that was all for me... Hope it helps most of you ... (i think if you have fx active from third party plug-in's they might not be recognized... but  half the job might get done !!!

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                                                                JyeMurray Level 1

                                                                This works for a vector .ai


                                                                Drop CC .ai into distiller > open pdf > select with edit object tool > open in cs6




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                                                                  brainsdesign Level 1

                                                                  We worked around this by finding the older version on a laptop, transferring the files and then using it to drive the large monitors for viewing. Not a great workaround but the only way to retrieve old products. We are currently moving everything to AVID to avoid losing so much valuable production time ever again and have found it more stable on larger documentary/TV type projects.

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                                                                    HarleyTDavis Level 3

                                                                    The reason for dropping backward compatibility is NOT nefarious.  It seems like it, and even smells like it at times, but it really isn't.  If you wish to make adjustments ON YOUR OWN that make it work, That's FINE with adobe, just don't expect them to support it.

                                                                    The reason is simple: Many of the plugs and added effects are not readable by cs6 and lower, and they are built differently in some cases even if they are included in cs6.  They also compressed the data in the file (not really heavy compression) and applied a light encryption.  WHy?  It secures the data while working and saves a bit of space on drives, but also keeps some viruses from actually working on the file and destroying the data.  IF a file is compressed in this way, there is a hash to hint about contents, making it easier to recover some of the file, and even import that into a new project for use.


                                                                    To get around these features, copy paste the file in place with "copy" appended to the name, then rename it and give it a GZ extension.  Now unzip that to it's own folder, and open the folder.  There's a file in there that is the same XML data you would use in CS6, but you'll need to change the XML version to 25 at the highest.  Now save that file, copy\move it out of the folder, then give it the prproj extension.  You should be able to open it.  You may get warnings, and if it doesn't work at all, you'll have to change one more value.  My file has an Info version 3 at the top, try 1 or 2.  I'm not going to guarantee this method, but open it and try it.  If it fails, try importing the project into a clean one.  That might do the trick.  Good luck.


                                                                    Personally, I do a lot of homework and some nonprofit in CS6, then touch up in CC for better color and a few other refinements.  I'm hoping to have the funding stream to upgrade to CC in the near future.  Not a sure thing, but if you never risk, you never win it all.

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                                                                      rpatton@cpsbiz.com Level 1

                                                                      Quite frankly the whole concept of on-line licensing is unacceptable to me.  I want to purchase the package and use it freely, weather or not i choose to participate in an on-line session or not.  Microsoft has tried this with office 365 BUT the were considerate by publishing Office 2016, thus if you choose not to use the cloud you can.  I will buy CS6 and if that id Adobe's final stand alone product so be it.  I do not want to be obligated for $20.00/moth for ever!!!


                                                                      what's more it appears that you can not share work (collaborate), that absolutely sucks!  With previous versions it a simple matter of file sharing on a server, as long as all source is present the software will always open the most recnt version, GREAT!  Love it.

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                                                                        HarleyTDavis Level 3

                                                                        the file is now compressed folder with xml file in it.  if you can figure out how to get the numbers to match up in the tags, youd be able to edit it and open the file.

                                                                        adobe will only go back 3 years for total compatability(or close to it).  otherwise...  export in a friendly format of xml file, then reimport into older apps.  Cc lets you download cs6 for backward compatible ops


                                                                        Sent from my iPhone

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                                                                          HarleyTDavis Level 3

                                                                          Thought I'd throw my half a cent of whatever in here.


                                                                          AV edits are a'changin' .  There's a lot more going into the project files, while not actually changing the starting files.  I find that its great to mix some old school with the new.


                                                                          Old school ways, you copied the original several times, using the copies to cut different portions together.  Today, you just list your editing and then run a program to copy the data, adjust, output.  Simple.  When you did multicamera mixes and multisound source cutting, you had to be even more careful.  If you made a cut and had to change it a little, you had to get copies of each clip in the section and recut them again.  EDL came along, and it was a masterful idea; different operations in different programs could be written into a file with common jargon\language, and be read by other programs to show the preview output.  When a program lacked a function, you could read the decision list, see what program created it, know when to apply that effect later, and send it down the line.  At the end, each cut could be mastered by one or several programs as it went through its final stage, and come out on the other side with a finished product.

                                                                          Today we want to move everything we do in one program to everything else.  Though they use a similar language to build their project files (the list of operations to perform on the data), they aren't perfectly interchangeable.  The Tags used to describe each operation are very different, as well as how the operation is described.  HP and TI calculators have differed for many years in how they process mathematical operations.  One processes them the way we do normally, the other in reverse (RPN).  In recent years, however, they've become very much alike, only differing in what they call particular operations, and how they display their functions on screens.  I could program a mathematical text on one, but it wouldn't be recognizeable to the other.  Video editing has gone a similar route.

                                                                          Now we also want the older programs to open what the newer ones made.  Its common to think that new versions simply build on old ones.  In many ways they do.  However, the languages used to describe similar functions may have changed, or the way the information is layed out, or their may be a new set of functions that uses the same name as the old while the old has been renamed.  All of this creates a problem when old programs try to open files created by the new ones.  With standard text in unicode, you cannot open it in an ASCII only editor and get a perfect rendition of the same text.  You may have to pass it through an operation to convert the text over to another format.  That's the old school way.

                                                                          Why the hell is this all so important?  Let's take a look at some repetitive tasks you want to move.


                                                                          For moving Multicam sequences, I find it easier and often more rewarding to simply not try to move them.  You'd have to flatten them and all kinds of other stuff just to get them to move.  If you have a fast enough system, and are good with your older program, you can run the multicam cutting in the old program.  There's always a few seconds of shooting before a sync with a clapper or other loud noise.  Cut all your video the same length by cutting off some at the start so their start points are all at the 0.  If a camera has extra video beyond the others you want to keep at the end, put in black video and fil audio on the other tracks until they reach the end of the long one.  Select all the video\audio on each track one track at a time and copy\paste it into its own sequence.  Now you've handled the sync.  You can export the sequences as Self contained movies, and you won't have to sync them again; or you can export the sequences as xml\edl and try it that way.  In this fashion you can get your sync rebuilt in your old program, and run the multicam in it very quickly.  Old school ideal: USe the SYNC point to create a common 0 start point (that's what they use the CLAPPER for) and then separate the tracks into their own reels again until you get to the old program.  Put them back together again and run the multicam function.

                                                                          If you prefer a more new age approach, and you've got some time to procure some repeater programs (bots), you can get a program that watches your keypresses, then run the multicam in the new program and have your repeater do the same in the old program.  It should run your keypresses at about the same time intervals, which should render the same multicam sequencing.  This also works for markers, and other effects so long as you use your keyboard to actually get there.  If the window layouts are the same, you might get away with using the mouse for some things as well.  New School: You do it once, the machine can do it a thousand times after.


                                                                          XML or EDL are really the only way to do this stuff quickly for most operations.  But if you've already made a multicam sequence, get yourself a copy of Premiere Pro CS5 or CS5.5 and try the quick tricks of changing the version number, offlining, then opening up and relinking all your media.  You won't have to worry about the multicam.


                                                                          For automating it on the mac, you can use Automator to WATCH WHAT I DO, then have it repeat the actions at the same speed when you run it.  Then you just have to prep for the recording by having the app open, the correct panel open, the record button ready to fire and set to a keypress; when recording use the dock to bring the app front, then start your work and keypresses as you go through the motions.  When you finish, stop recording your multicam by keypress, and stop recording your actions by clicking the stop button on the small widget it brings up.  Run your action again, you'll get the multicam rebuilt in your old app (so long as the shortcuts are the same).  I'm sure theres a similar method on the PC for copying your exact actions at the exact same time intervals.  In code, you could start a timer, and when you push a key, log the time and the key.  In java or JSCRIPT this is simply a forever loop with an event listener.  When you press a key, an event fires, logging a loopcount into a file with the key after, jumping out of the first loop if the event is a special escape key or mouse click.  Not exactly rocket science is it?  You can get very high loop counts if you don't reset the counter.  Reset the counter to zero each keypress and you'll never go to high.  If you have a timer function that counts milliseconds, you can have it count very accurately without getting numbers that are too high to represent with a small memory footprint.  Count the values in the file, build an array of those values, and loop through the array (faster than file reads), and you'll get a very accurate repeat performance of keystrokes.  The last values of the array may be your STOP COPYING ME routine, so you can omit them from your looping, play a sound and exit the program.


                                                                          I don't know the exact code, but this method works.

                                                                          You can do the same for making your blade edits and such, essentially rebuilding the file with markers etc, then add any effects based on the markers.  Using a keyboard to scrub and apply common edits or operations can save you a lot of time if you record the actions and plan your work a little.


                                                                          Old School ideal: plan your work, work your plan.

                                                                          If you do your work in passes, you can record yourself doing it, and have the computer reproduce it exactly in an older version of the same program or in a different program, while you work on something else.  By that method you can transfer most of your work easily where others might think it impossible.  The pros know you gotta be OCD about your notation (in this case, recording everything you do in a machine reproduceable form) if you want to do less re-formatting of the work yourself.


                                                                          New Age Ideal: Programmers want their programs to be different\better than the other guy's.  They use formatting of binary data to store the instructions for what has to get done to a video, and then have to have that language read back into something your renderer can use to apply the changes.  This may sound like simply translating one language to another.  It happens twice.  Once from the Proffessional jargon to the programming data layout, then from the instructions in the data layout to the renderer's operations.  Programmers are people too, and can write their languages anyway they chose, even if there are some common accepted rules and schemes.  They also have artists and visualists help them design a way to present the information on screen so it can be read by the professionals the program is designed for.  That's another language.  Finally, there's the prospect of cross-compatibility.  Since they perform some operations in a different logical manner, they can't always translate them right over.  Often times they have to settle for a function that comes close enough.  Close enough is where they usually draw the line, as they'd never be able to work on new projects or make any money if they couldn't release an old one.  Having a common format to target makes it easier, and having a common limitation means it will usually be acceptable. 


                                                                          I know this is a lot to take in, but there are ways of working around compatibility issues before you ever have them.  One of those ways is keeping older computers running with older software that is occasionally less strict.  Another way is recording your keypresses and timing, and matching your keyboard shortcuts in all your apps.  This saves a simple datafile you can use to reproduce your work.  WHere timing isn't an issue, you can have your timer ignored, and process the work even faster.

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                                                                            giftk93479999 Level 1

                                                                            that cant work on premiere once you upgrade you keep the pace

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                                                                              dqh41532243 Level 1

                                                                              Here is a possible answer if anyone has problem using cc files in CS6 ... when exporting a cc file but you or someone on your team only has cs6. ** you need FCP for this to work **. Export a XML then open in FCP. THEN export apple XML interchange format version 5 open That file up in CS6 ... This works no problem.




                                                                              **update**  The CS6 file shut down and now wont work..lol funny not funny... sorry about giving a false sense of hope. my apologies.

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                                                                                timw72894434 Level 1

                                                                                I have the same issue. I never wanted CC and CS6 is the only version that works on my office (bigger) apple. I pay the full subscription and yet annot update because my system is incompatible.

                                                                                I have other laptops and have been forced to upgrade. irritating to find that CC and CS6 do not work together.

                                                                                a useless process really and the idea that the file is "damaged" is equally irritating and misleading.

                                                                                It is time another company began to challenge Adobe because the help offered and the advice given is hopeless.

                                                                                I am getting green frames in CC but not in CS6 and when I spoke to the advice people, I was told my graphic card was out of date (a new laptop and impossble to replace the graphics card or to update it)

                                                                                all in all, a mess.


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                                                                                  ProDesignTools MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                                                                  Hi Tim, sorry to hear you're upset. CS6 is over 5 years old (from spring 2012) and has been end-of-life software for some time now.


                                                                                  Five years is a long time in the software world. If you still expected CC 2017 and CS6 and their file formats to work perfectly together, then that would also hamstring CC from ever evolving... You'd basically get software that was stuck in the past.


                                                                                  You said you still need to use CS6 because you have some old hardware in the office, whereas you need CC on your laptops because they have newer hardware and operating systems. As you know, CS6 was written well before those modern OS's were ever released.


                                                                                  All in all, it sounds like you have an irritating 'mess' because your platforms are inconsistent... But it's not at all clear what Adobe could or should do about that, or why you think it's their fault.


                                                                                  It's unfortunate the situation you are in, where you don't have full interoperability between releases. Sorry about that. Hopefully, this post helps dig deeper on why it's worked out that way.