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    Design view not available when editing XSL file

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      I'm currently evaluating D8 as a workbench for ongoing development on an existing web site, and I want to edit some of the site's XSL files using Design View, but I'm only presented with Code View. I've tried attaching an XML file to the XSL, but to no avail. Some possibly salient facts:

      The XSL file I'm trying to edit in Design View contains an <xsl:import> tag with a reference to another XSL file in the same directory as the one I'm editing, and this other XSL file contains a reference to the CSS file that contains the page formatting definitions. The XSL file referred to in my file contains in turn an import reference to a base XSL file. I presume that D8 will notice and recursively import <xsl:import> references?

      If I preview the XSL file by pressing F12, I get the following:


      SAXParseException: An exception occurred! Type:RuntimeException, Message:The primary document entity could not be opened. Id=file:///C:/PHP/web-ims/XML/mainLayout.xsl (login.xml,line 0, column 0)

      Now, the mainLayout.xsl file exists in the same directory as the file I'm editing, whereas the error message above implies that D8 is looking for it in the site root directory, which is wrong. In Manage Site/Advanced/Local Info, I've set the Links Relative To setting to 'Document', so I would expect D8 to resolve the <xsl:import> href correctly, but it doesn't appear to.

      In the Bindings tab of the Application window, the Document type is shown as

      XSLT (Fragment)
      . I worked through the Cafe Townsend tutorial example XSL file, which has Design View enabled, and the Document type is given as

      XSLT (Entire page)

      Anyone any ideas how I can edit my existing XSL files in Design View?
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          "ptipper" <webforumsuser@macromedia.com> wrote in message
          > Anyone any ideas how I can edit my existing XSL files in Design View?

          DW can handle only basic XSLT files in Design View, anything else only gets
          Code View.

          Sorry if this disappoint you, but I hope at least it will prevent wasting
          too much time.

          Massimo Foti
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            Thanks for that, Massimo - at least I know that it's not something silly that I'm doing, and this information also helps me to evaluate the usefulness of D8 for my purposes.
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              Did you run a PHP test on your local machine to make sure that it is capable of working with XML, XSL or XSLT extension. If it is not, be sure to enable it in order to make it work.

              Also you might want to consider buying a book called "PHP for Dreamweaver 8" whose authored by David Powers. In his book, it discuss very briefly about XML, XSL or XSLT technologies and how it relates to data-driven scripted programming or PHP application server.

              Also, you also want to do some of evaluation of Cafe Townsend files as part of Dreamweaver 8 Tutoring files for you to learn more about how XML or XSL or XSLT works and build one to make it work for you. Along with that, there is some helpful and useful information at Adobe Dreamweaver - Developer Centre.

              Here is this article called Displaying XML Data at this URL below:

              Additionally, important to make a note about Dreamweaver 8.0.2 Updater issues relating to XML, XSL and XSLT around PHP/MySQL server, please refer to this Dreamweaver TechNote at this URL below:

              Finally, because of DW8 8.0.2 Updater presents some issues, author David Powers offers more detailed information and updated information to relfect the known issues. I can't find his weblog address right now on top of my head at the moment. If you want, I can dig and get the right URL for you. :)

              Hopefully that helps to direct you to the right path to your process working with XML technologies. Let us know how it turn out to be.

              Perhaps you might want to get some cup of coffee and get some FRESH ground coffee from Starbucks, that will be of a big help for you. ;)