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    Some videos clips stuttering in preview

    iamgregor Level 1

      I tried reimporting the video and translating it to another format, I've rendered it fully, and deleted temp files and re-rendered it. I rebuilt the video from scratch in a new sequence created from the clip (all clips were screencaptured using Camstudio so they're the same exact format as each other.


      But I still have constant problems with videos not playing properly in preview. The last time I had this problem, they rendered that way too. When I hit the spacebar to view the video, it shows a bit of the video, then rewinds and plays the same section over and over, moving a little further forward each time. Basically "rubberbanding".


      It's Premiere Pro CS 5.5.2

      Win 7 64

      No third party codecs.

      I have plenty of hard drive space and 8 gb of ram. I do have browsers open which use a lot of memory, but all the other clips are working so that doesn't seem like it should be an issue.

      I'm not using any kinds of plugins or third-party things.


      Some things that help: Shutting other memory hogging programs and restarting Premiere.


      Things that seem to hurt: using the time slider to increase or decrease speed of the video.