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    Canon C300 clips improperly spanning from NAS


      Hey gang, we're running PPro CC on a couple of networked Macs, using a loaded Synology 1813+ for our footage dump/media library; the Synology is running quad-gigabit with port trunking set up, over gigabit LAN. It's not fibre, but it's fast enough to stream 3 or 4 clips simultaneously without much slowdown.

      We've got a bunch of cameras: an older Panny that records onto P2s, a Canon C100 and a Canon C300 (which is now our workhorse camera). MXFs from the Panasonic, and the MTSs from the C100 all work fine over the LAN, but we're having a big problem with the C300 MXFs not spanning correctly. The C300 clips work fine locally, over directly attached FW drives, or through attached FW drives via the network (ie Drive01 is directly connected to Computer01; over the network, Computer02 can access Drive01), but they go haywire as soon as we transfer them to the Synology. The spanned clips are played back completely out of order.

      So, as an example, I've got a 17 minute long clip that consists of 4 spanned clips: AA030801, AA030802, AA030803, and AA030804. Off of local/attached drives, the imported MXF file plays back the spanned clips in the proper order (1, 2, 3, 4), but off of the Synology, they play back out of order (2, 3, 1, 4).


      We've been beating our heads against the wall trying to figure out why this is happening... Adobe tech support wasn't much help, just towing the "don't use a network" line over and over again, but not actually addressing the issue. Dude, the speed of the network isn't the issue. I just want to know why the clips aren't spanning properly. "We strongly recommend that you don't use a networked drive, because the performance will be slow." *sigh*


      An interesting wrinkle: Copying the folder structure back to a local drive fixes the issue, so the original data isn't being corrupted or modified somehow during the copy process.


      We've figured out a workaround using the Canon XF Utlitiy to merge the spanned clips together into a single MXF file, but it's more time consuming, and obviously more of a PITA than just copying the cards directly over.


      Anyone know why this might be happening? Please? Pretty please?


      I've got a smaller QNAP and a DroboFS setup at home, and footage from the C300 is fine over the network from those boxes. Well, OK, the Drobo is hilariously slow, and pretty unsuable for editing purposes, but I did a test, and it at least spanned the clips properly. My setup is Windows-based, though, and the drives are permanently mapped. Could the issue have something to do with OSX's network setup? Dunno. I'm at a loss here, just throwing out ideas...