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    Scrolling image menu


      This is my idea for my website programmed in Muse :


      I want to create a scrolling effect for my images.

      On the left side vertically from my website.

      The images are below each other in the same size into a nice line of small images.

      So people can scroll through my portfolio.

      They can also click on my pictures to make them bigger.

      And that is set on the right side of the page where the image is set to get bigger.

      There is an overlap of the other image on the image that the user had previously viewed.

      The other picture a kind of a double exposure to a whole picture.

      A type of animation / slideshow idea. If someone clicks the photo that happens.

      And I'd like to add it.


      Is this possible in Adobe Muse? And if this is possible in muse, Can I insert an HTML for this? I've never done coding before..



      Nikki Kirpestein