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    Object#<object> has no method "on" -- Chrome


      So, I have been trying to trouble shoot the error above. I have been able to find a work around for some of the CSS errors I have had within IE10 and on and off in Firefox. Chrome is the one that tends to be the problem at this point.


      Website: http://www.kaneprinting.com


      The error either comes up as


      Type Error: Object#<object> has no method "tobrowserwidth"




      Type Error: Object#<object> has no method "on"


      The second error is the one that happens more frequently and the one that I am most worred about.


      If someone could please help me to get ride of this error that would be wonderful. From everything that I can tell it might have something to do with the lightbox feature I have on the "Join Mailing List" at the top of the page as this happens on every page in chrome. The lightbox has some embeded code in it which I added as we wanted users to be able to join the mail list and have it validate their entries.


      Please advise as soon as you can.


      Best, John

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          KPSBethesda Level 1

          I was contacted by Adobe regarding my error and I was informed that I was running two differen versions of jQuery at the same time which is a no, no. jQuery does not like to have multiple versions loaded at the same time, but if you needed to you could always run one after another, but it would take longer for the page to load. In my case I changed the embeded code in my lightbox under the "Join Our Mailing List". The embeded code uses jQuery version 1.4.4 while the jQuery version that Muse uses is version 1.8.3. To resolve this problem I simply change the 1.4.4 to being 1.8.3. While jQuery is not always backwards compatible, I was lucky on this item as it appears to be backwards compatiable.


          I would also like to note that I had originally placed my CSS for this code inline with the coding, but I then removed it and placed it in the head as this helped with some of the problems as well. It is always better to create seperate CSS and .js files and then have your code reference these files. I will work on this in the coming days.