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    Pin to Bottom is Ignoring Layers... Why?

    zjen916 Level 1

      Hi there. I'm trying to pin a bar to the bottom of the browser window, and only have it appear after a certain point in my page (It's a "Share" prompt). I've successfully implemented this with a menu bar pinned to the top on my master page by placing a solid colored box in the layer above the menu bar to hide it, but now when I'm trying to do something similar to the bottom of my child page it seems to ignore the box, and the bottom bar shows up in the browser no matter what. It seems buggy, since moving the rectange meant to hide it to an undesirably high position on the page does the trick (though I can't keep it that way, since it's effing ugly). So frustrated.


      Also, does anyone have recommendations for CMS for Muse other than Wordpress? (something that cooperates a little better, or at all, php->html wise...) I want to display dynamically updated information on one of my Muse-created pages and I'd prefer to edit it remotely through some sort of simple CMS back-end. I spent all of my free time yesterday trying to figure something out.