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    Cannot connect to Mac 10.8.4 with Edge Inspect

    jefferis Level 1

      I have Edge Inspect CC installed on my Computer, in Chrome and on my iPHone.  I am signed in to Inspect according to the icon in the menu bar. My phone can see my Computer but cannot connect using the IP address. The Chrome Extension however says to "please start Edge Inspect"  and I am not seeing the Edge icon in the Dock.  So I think the thing is not activating... I seem to have the latest CC install, but I don't see a way to uninstall with the app manager and resinstall...


      BTW,  I don't know how or which type of port to open or find out if access is available on in Airport. I'm on a local network. The computer is connected by ethernet to the router, the phone is connected via WiFi to the network, and I've turned of NetBarrier... .