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      Hello. I need to know how to duplicate an old Indesign document, rename it, move it to another folder, but keep all the pictures linked? Can you please help?


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          John Mensinger Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There are a few different ways to go about such things. Here's one:


          Open the file, and choose File > Save As to save it under a different name in a different location. This will keep links intact so long as the original linked files stay put.


          If storage space isn't a concern, you could replicate the linked file set using File > Package to save copies of the file and all its linked files in a new folder. There is also a way to copy-and-migrate the linked files via the Links panel.

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            goodnewsmagazine Level 1

            Thanks for the quick response...will have to try your ideas...thanks again.

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              goodnewsmagazine Level 1

              and what if I do want to clean up a few things and put some of the linked

              files into different folders -- but all within the same folder?  Any way to

              keep them linked?

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                John Mensinger Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                If you change the path to a linked file, you break the link.


                It sounds like you want to reorganize the linked files by adding a new folder level. Obviously, that's best done before links are established. What you're asking would require some re-linking afterward. Later versions of InDesign will find additional previously-linked files in a folder when an initial re-link is performed, so you wouldn't have to re-link each file; just one per new folder.

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                  goodnewsmagazine Level 1

                  Okay - thanks for all your help. I was afraid that there was no easy way to

                  re-organize my files...

                  But thanks so much.