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    [ID CC] Is there a specific scripting guide for CC?

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      I was looking for the scripting guide (both applescript and Javascript) for ID CC, but all I see is the CS6 version. Is that normal? I know there isn't that much new between the two version, but it would be nice to have the updated guides.


      Also, I had heard that the Applescript language was going to be fased out. Meaning, no new feature would be supported and things that changed would break current code in future version of the software. Is there any thruth in this? I'm a fairly novice applescripter and I can't even read Javascript, so I was wondering if I need to try to learn Javascript ASAP or if I'll be able to go by with my applescript.


      Thanks for any input.



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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          @Jeff – don't know if there is a specific scripting guide for InDesign CC.
          For news of new methods, properties and objects in the DOM (Document Object Model) in ExtendScript (Adobe's implementation of JavaScript) with InDesign see:


          Marc Autret:

          So What's New in InDesign CC Scripting DOM




          Another valuable reference (not covering CC but also InDesign CS6) is:




          For learning ExtendScript you will find useful:

          1. Learn about "core" JavaScript (there are plenty of useful courses floating around in the web)

          2. Buy yourself a book like Grant Gamble's "InDesign CS5 – Automation Using XML & JavaScript"


          and experiment with your own InDesign files and code snippets from that base on…


          3. Find a collegue or some friends who also want to learn about it and do some learning sessions together

          4. Visit this forum a lot and browse through older threads. Most threads are about ExtendScript.


          Where did you hear that Adobe wants to phase out AppleScript on its products?

          Flash based extensions and related to that "ActionScript" will be phased out next year for building Extensions for CC applications. It will be replaced with [HTML5, CSS and JavaScript] for building widgets. PhotoShop CC will be the first product where we will see this (maybe around mid 2014); others will follow.


          Maybe you read about the abbreviation "AS" in this regard; which for some people is "AppleScript" and for some people it is "ActionScript". Don't confuse the two scripting languages.



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            Thanks Uwe,


            I'll be sure to look into those resources. I had found the one from Jongware already. I also find that all Javascript tutorial are for web, so not exactly super useful for InDesign use. I also have Peter Karhel's book on Javascript and ID CS3/4, which is helpful.


            I can't remember where I saw that AS was going the way of the dinausor at Adobe, I hope you're right and it meant Actionscript rather then Applescript. I have a lot of time invested in Applescript and not having to migrate all my script to AS would be good news. I DO want to learn Javascript though, it will just mean less pressure to do so if Applescript is not going away.


            Thanks for your input.