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    Slow Playback With CS6


      I have been using Premiere CS6 for about a month on my 2011 MacBook Pro with Radeon 6770M. I have 8gb RAM, 128GB SSD with 750GB second drive replacing the optical drive. On my newest project i'm having problems with the video playback on CS6. I have GPU Acceleration turned on and does make a little difference because its even more choppy if I do software only. I have tried reformatting my second drive and loading only the files i'm working with but that makes no difference. Yesterday I downloaded Premiere CS5 and i'm currently running it as a trial and it runs perfectly. I can stack 4-6 video layers and playback with no skipping and thats not even with GPU acceleration. Is there some bug in CS6 or some other settings that could have changed somehow. Also, is there a way I can enable GPU acceleration with this MacBook if I have to go back to CS5?

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          Someone posted a reply but apparently deleted it suggesting I update to the latest version (CS6.0.5) Just got done with the update and it's running great so far. I just threw something together real quick for testing, 3 layers on top of each other with opacity set at 30% each with a little color correction and it's playing back fine now even in full resolution. Thanks for the help.