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    Captivate 7 on OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)




      I am running the final version (GM) of Mac OSX 10.9 and Captivate 7 will not work.


      The software appears to launch and then just crashes before any dialog boxes appear...I am running the most up to date versions of Java and Flash.


      Please tell me there is an easy fix for this as I can't believe a company as big as Adobe wouldn't test their software on an operating system which has had beta versions available for the last 3 months.  10.9 goes live this week and this will cause some serious issues.


      Are help would be greatly appreciated.



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          RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          My suggestion is to be patient.  The whole world doesn't revolve around Apple.


          There's no doubt Adobe knew about the Apple OS release and is currently testing Cp7 on it.  But it often happens that a newly released operating system will cause issues with software apps that predate its release.  But it can often take quite a long time to get everything sorted out and release updates to resolve issues.


          Adobe has indicated previously on this forum that no version of Cp has been tested and approved for this new Apple OS.  If an Apple user might be wise to decide to delay updating to the new OS UNTIL Adobe releases their own update for Cp.

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            AndyrooS Level 1

            If I'm not mistaken this was posed as a question.

            A question is normally followed by an answer, this is not an answer so I don't understand why you saw fit to even post this thinly veiled poke at apple.

            In the future I recommend you think before you speak.

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              RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I always think before I speak. My answer stands. 


              If something similar were espoused by an irate Microsoft user who had installed Beta versions of Windows 9, my answer would be exactly the same.  (In fact I may have even done so when Windows 8 first came out and a user complained about Cp5 not working for them.)


              You just need to be patient and wait for Adobe to release an update for Cp7 before it will work on the brand new Apple OS.  If you're lucky, you may not have long to wait.   If you didn't look before you leapt, you already installed the new OS, and now you cannot roll back, then that was your decision, and Cp7 may be no use to you for the moment.  Lesson learned.

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                Hi guys,


                Any update on this would be great, we have a team of developers who are now unable to use Captivate6 or 7...(I know, I know, we shouldn't have upgraded so soon...)




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                  jpm226 Level 1

                  Agreed Andy...


                  It's not like anyone is saying the world revolves around apple, but it isn't like we're uptight because there isn't an update or patch for commodore 64, you know?


                  OS X - regardless of release number, isn't some obscure, third-rate OS.


                  If your products are aimed at the design community -- which I'd have to say that Adobe's are -- it's not a ridiculous expectation that they update the software to account for the next major release of OS X. I mean, it's not like it was a top secret stealth release, and there are only a HUGE number of users in the design community who use it.


                  Being in a forum situation, you have to expect that there is always at least one person who feels it neccessary to belitle the person who makes the inquiry.


                  That the "answer stands" lol - " My Answer STANDS!!!! "




                  Duly noted fella, duly noted.


                  Hang tight in there Andy, I have to believe that an update will be forthcoming soon. I ultimately updated OS X mavericks on my macbook and then just left OS X ML on my imac (where I typically use captivate) Frankly, all the adobe software seems a bit "sluggish" on Mavericks, but thats just me.


                  If you did update your OS already (and believe me, I would'nt blame you for doing in immediately), you can always just do a time machine backup and reset your system to the moment just before the best OS in the world was updated


                  That said... just know this:


                  My Answer Stands!!



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                    Suresh Jayaraman Level 3

                    We are working on it as I write and will have an update in next couple of weeks


                    Suresh Jayaraman


                    Captivate Engineering team

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                      Christopher_H Level 1

                      Thanks Suresh, this fix can't come soon enough for me and my colleagues.

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                        It seems you missed the point... We've paid big bucks for use Adobe product, they had a chance to prepare Captivate for Mavericks so why sould we be patient? Probably you check every software and utility on your computer before upgarding, but let me tell you this doesn't sounds like a real word scenario for us, since since we are quite busy with making money to pay our Adobe cloud subscription etc. Why do they need a couple of more weeks? Did we miss the payment at any time? Don't think so...

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                          I'd have to agree with LKALPHA, a couple of weeks just is not acceptable. We are in the middle of a project and just dont have a couple of weeks. I dont think my superiors/stakeholders are going to accept the excuse "Well, Adobe doesn't have thier sh*t together, so we have to wait a little bit.

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                            Christopher_H Level 1

                            I have to agree that a couple of weeks for a fix is just not good enough.


                            Pre-releases of the OS have been available for months so that vendors can ensure compatibility.  It’s a joke that a company the size of Adobe haven’t been able to get it sorted for launch.

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                              Suresh, I'm a freelancing and a couple of weeks costs me money. I just purchased this product and I don't see you offering money back as I wait for you to fix this. This is not my first experience with such delays. When I was in the corporate world IT had to downgrade my PC with each new version because your team was not prepared. If I ran my business this way I wouldn't make money. This is beyond frustrating.

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                                Andrew eLB Custom

                                I came across the same issue, and I was very displeased with the way Adobe handled things. I am in the middle of several projects for clients that have tight deadlines, all being built in Captivate. When I installed the new OS and found out that I couldn't launch any of my courses or even launch the software, I immediately contacted Adobe and was met with the same response: that Cap 7 hadn't yet been tested on OS X 10.9 and there was nothing I could do. They didn't give me any other information. Luckily I have a coworker who was still running the old Mac OS, so through a painful process I was able to rollback to Mountain Lion. However, this took me several hours, and I lost an entire day's worth of development and missed my deadline. This issue is definitely something that Adobe should have ironed out before the release of Mavericks seeing as how many of their users use Apple products. At the very least, they should have made it very clear what was going to happen. I have been using Captivate for a long time and am always having to reach out to Adobe to help me fix bugs and random issues. I wont be using Captivate for any more projects.

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                                  Not happy about this like all others here (apart from RodWard)!


                                  After my issues with Captivate 6 crashing with HTML5 publishing   (  http://forums.adobe.com/message/5784352#5784352  )  I can't believe I'm now not able to use Captivate on OSX Mavericks.


                                  Its certainly not good enough.  Please advise when it has been tested and fixed.


                                  In the meantime I'll be looking at alternatives to get some of my work done....

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                                    B-ace Level 1

                                    I'm also very dissapointed about Adobe in this situation. This doesn't suit a company like this. We just don't get the service we pay for. The Captivate department probably isn't profitable enough to allocate enough resourses.


                                    I managed to restore Mountain Lion and can (unhappily) wait until Captivate 7 gets updated. However, we also have important cumstomers who want to receive Captivate 6 project files.


                                    Will Captivate 6 be fixed as well? Or will OSX 10.9 mean the end of that?

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                                      Suresh Jayaraman Level 3

                                      B-ace ,


                                      We should have warned our customers on issues in 10.9 , that's a slip i accept and we will have this working in next couple of weeks . Will we do this for captivate 6 , the short answer is 'No' , CP 6 was released in 2012 and if an OS coming towards end of 2013 breaks it .. probably its not the tool issue , BTW , CP 6 runs well on win 8 and the latest update as well .. so you see where the problem lies .


                                      Sorry for the inconvenienec caused !




                                      Suresh J

                                      Captivate Engineering team

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                                        foothillcollege Level 1

                                        I agree this is not the service I expect from Adobe. With all the cloudware, updates should be available in anticipation of OS upgrades. My company updated to Mavericks, I can't get back to OSX 10.8. I'm desparate I have to get my Captivate projects completed.


                                        How will we know when it is updated? Captivate updates from the cloud when Captivate is running, but if Captivate isn't running, do we keep trying to launch it everyday and see?

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                                          I've the same problem only with Cp 5. I've also updated my mac with Mavericks and now Cp5 won´t launch What can I do?

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                                            Methlor Gor

                                            As a Captivate power-user, I have been using this application for over a decade, extending back into the original iteration of RoboDemo.  I've dealt with your Captivate development team numerous times throughout the years in various conferences and phone chats.  Ever since Adobe bought the Macromedia cash cow, it has been apparent to me that Adobe treats the old Macromedia lines as nothing but a source of revenue.


                                            This recent debacle with Captivate reinforces how much Adobe neglects this tool AND it's users.  This is, quite frankly, comptemptuous at best.  Yes, it is probably Apple's fault that Captivate 7 broke, but it's Adobe's responsibility to adapt to changes in the OS.  With the lead-time Adobe had on this, it is inexcusable.


                                            Did Adobe have a hand in the HHS ACA website development?

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                                              Best answer yet!

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                                                Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                Hi folks


                                                LOL, Putting on my flame retardant clothing here...


                                                I'm guessing that folks using Apple products operate using an entirely different mindset in the workplace. I say that because in the world of Microsoft Windows and where you are working in mission critical environments, It's quite common for the IT support staff to take a *VERY* critical eye on *ANY* new release of something as important as the operating system. They typically test all the applications they depend upon to ensure they work before deciding to upgrade everyone to the new system. Heck, even before any application such as Captivate is allowed, they also test that to ensure that its installation plays well with others and doesn't possibly affect the operation of the other critical apps.


                                                I have to say that reading this thread I'm simply dumbfounded that so many folks seemingly just accepted and installed the Apple upgrade and didn't test anything to ensure Captivate still worked before committing to upgrading the operating system.


                                                Sure, I do agree that Adobe has a total responsibility to ensure that Captivate works on the operating systems they say it will work on. But the fact remains that Adobe can only guarantee compatibility for known operating systems. And I'm sure most of the folks crying uncle here have no clue what it takes to develop a product like Captivate. So you have no idea of the amount of time and testing and whatnot that's involved with the code set. It's very easy to play armchair quarterback and say that Apple has been beta testing this for three months so Adobe has had more than enough time to work on Captivate.


                                                I cannot imagine the outcry we would also hear if it means that you need to purchase Captivate version 8 in order to have it be compatible with the shiny new operating system. That happens often in the world of software. At least Adobe seems to be saying they are working toward a service release.


                                                So I struggle to find sympathy for those that are crying that they elected to upgrade the operating system before testing everything and now they are losing money because Captivate doesn't run. Nobody forced you to upgrade the O/S and if your income is that dependent on applications such as Captivate operating, you really should be more careful before just adopting a new environment.


                                                Cheers... Rick

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                                                  Methlor Gor Level 1

                                                  You are absolutely right, Rick.  I agree with you 100%.  We should be more careful.


                                                  I'll be honest and say that my response has more to do with how poorly implemented Captivate has become over the past few years.  Glitchy.  Unstable.  Half-hearted.  I'm venting and this looked like an opportune time to stick-it-to-the-man.


                                                  I still stand by the cavalier attitude Adobe has had toward the Captivate community.  Then again, I still compare it to how we were treated in the Macromedia universe.


                                                  Again, you are absolutely right that we need to test more before we jump into making a change.

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                                                    Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                    LOL, I share a love/hate relationship with macromedia.


                                                    I hate Hate HATED them for trying to kill off RoboHelp. But I loved them for what they did with Captivate by adding the timeline feature to it. I had a strong dislike for RoboDemo (Captivate's former name) but the timeline feature made all the difference to me. So I loved them for that.


                                                    And I dearly love Adobe for noting that RoboHelp was a product worthy of continuing. Then again, I also harbor a disllike for some of Adobe's practices. Such as acquiring really cool technology and discarding other cool technology. A shining (or glaring) example is Visual Communicator. Way cool little product with no competition as far as I'm aware. Yet they are allowing it to die on the vine. So sad...


                                                    Cheers... Rick

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                                                      Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                                      +1 Rick


                                                      Have difficulties to understand the mindset of Apple people since many, many years.. They sometimes remind me of India (classes) or ... even worse and I'm not a racist at all, my late husband was an African.



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                                                        Sreekanth_S Most Valuable Participant

                                                        Glad to see some meaningful comments after a spate of some unprofessional ones.


                                                        On another thread on a similar topic, some users mentioned (or was it a threat?) that they will consider Storyline without even bothering to check that Storyline is a Windows-only tool (which one user finally realised).


                                                        I also see that many people expected Adobe to inform them that they should not upgrade to the latest OS. Honestly, I don't think Adobe is obligated to do that since the tech specs clearly mention that Captivate works only on Mac OS 10.7 and 10.8. If you upgraded the OS based on some assumption that it will work or just because you love the enhancements of your fave OS, then it is clearly your fault and you need to pay some price for it.



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                                                          Capt. Captivate

                                                          It's unfortunate to hear that it will take several weeks for Adobe to correct this situation. Captivate team: Any chance the fix can come sooner than a couple of weeks?

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                                                            jrhtx2 Level 1

                                                            Why is this forum bashing people for an OS choice? When did a PC

                                                            Vs. MAC become a judgement of the halves and halve nots?

                                                            Bottom line I use both and my IT department had to down grade

                                                            OS and flash so Captivate would work over the past five years. This is an Adobe problem not an OS problem. If I wasn't in mid project I would move on to another brand. The point is two weeks+ to fix this is unacceptable. Maverick has been in the works since January.   Adobe should have warned users not to upgrade. To leave users without an action plan makes no sense. If I ran a IT Department like that I would be fired. Yes, 7.0 said what minimums OS required as does Microsoft Word tells you what OS is best, but when I upgrade my PC, Microsoft offers Legacy support. The nuts and bolts here is the cavalier attitude. No one is asking for pity. Those of us on a deadline don't have the time to post here and wait let alone write a novella insulting people who are simply seeking a timely resolution. Reducing to this behavior is nothing short of ad hominem.

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                                                              Dustin Gavin

                                                              I can't decide if this is ultimately a good/bad thing.


                                                              My small company just downloaded the trial version of Captivate to see if it would be a good use for us, as we're looking to get a bit more "with the times" as far as our training is concerned.


                                                              I assume that my trial time is just slowly ticking away while they try to come out with a fix. Interestingly enough, it seems (as a new user who is for the first time really browsing around Adobe's website) that they have announced that all software should work, what with a patch for CC6 (or whatever).


                                                              At the end of the day, having three months of prep time is ridiculous to not have by now at least a useable version. At the very least there could have been some warning, not only did they have three months to try to make it compatible, they also had three months to warn their clients not to update until they fix it. I wasn't a client then, so I can't say for sure they didn't, but from these responses, no one has said "Hey, remember that email that came saying DO NOT UPDATE TO OS 10.9!!!"? Not to mention, that when I just downloaded it, just now, the system requirements were "10.7 or higher" .....and last I check 10.9 > 10.7..


                                                              Either way, it gives me the opportunity to go do a trial with articulate or camtasia, etc. and see how they adjust to a full quarter to prepare their software for new releases.

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                                                                Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                                Looks like Camtasia is also having issues.


                                                                What with being such a small company TechSmith is as compared to Adobe, one would have thought the ample three month window everyone is citing would have had them ready even sooner than Adobe is, no?



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                                                                  Sreekanth_S Most Valuable Participant

                                                                  Tech specs lists the specific OSes on which Captivate works. It doesn't say "Mac OS 10.7 and above" or "Windows XP and above".



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                                                                    RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                                    Captivate may not say OS 10.7 or above, but Storyline says "MAC OSX 10.68 or later":



                                                                    Oh wait...that's only if you're using Parallels Desktop or VMware Fusion.


                                                                    It will be interesting to see if they also run into any issues.  If Camtasia also got caught on the hop with this latest Apple OS then perhaps the underlying reason has something to do with the way this new OS handles screen display, and this is giving apps that do screen capture big headaches.  Remember the Retina Display issue?

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                                                                      jpm226 Level 1

                                                                      You know, I spent the first 18 years of computing in the "windows" world and as such I was like many, many, many Windows users - Extremely dubious about a new OS release. Frankly, when you have a history like Windows ME, Windows Vista, Windows 7...you would be a fool to do anything but wait when a new Windows OS comes out.


                                                                      I updated immediately as well, and when I found out it woulnd't work, I booted into my time machine and I am back in business. So, while it was irritating, it was relatively painless.


                                                                      That said, I think Adobe probably could have made a bit more effort to address this issue like the other 8 million software providers out there (many of whom are way, way smaller).


                                                                      These things happen, and I am sure they will work out just like they always do. I am always amused at how quickly the "No! My OS is better" people come out of the woodwork.


                                                                      Im pretty new to Captivate but it does seem to me that Adobe Views the "e-learning" community in a strange light. I was in Vegas for ALS and having put down the 400 bucks for what I thought would be a pretty amazing day of e-learning knowledge...well lets just say it isn't surprising that Captivate doesnt work with Mavericks yet...the summit felt haf-*** and the symposiums I attended were...frankly, a joke. I especially loved the one where the guy laughs his way through the hour while telling us - ha h "well, if this was WORKING, you would uh see what I mean...


                                                                      was embarassing.


                                                                      So, I guess it is what it is.


                                                                      2 weeks is an eternity when you have work to do...nothing takes two weeks...ya know?

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                                                                        B-ace Level 1

                                                                        Thank you for your answer, Suresh.

                                                                        • 33. Re: Captivate 7 on OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)

                                                                          OK, getting embarrassed/frustrated by this predicament aside, how will an update to fix the problem reveal itself? At present Captivate won't start at all, so how will I know that the update has become available? Does the software self update or will I simply have to monitor this forum? Thanks in advance. Nick

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                                                                            Sreekanth_S Most Valuable Participant

                                                                            For those looking for Adobe's note on this, here it is:




                                                                            • 35. Re: Captivate 7 on OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)

                                                                              For those who need to revert OS X back from Mavericks




                                                                              This is not an easy process at all, either. I should have known better. I've been stuck before due to upgrades. Still debating on whether to roll back to previous version or not.

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                                                                                LKALPHA Level 1

                                                                                Luckily I have Parallels (you can go for a trial if you don't have it), and have the Captivate trial on Windows VM. This may last until my current project ends.

                                                                                • 37. Re: Captivate 7 on OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)

                                                                                  Hi, I'm doing the same thing: installing Captivate to my VM. I would appreciate if Adobe could send a note to Captivate users (the ones who bought the software), and let us know when the fix/patch becomes available. When Adobe was hacked a few weeks ago, there were messages all over the place, and even a letter letting people know of the mishap.


                                                                                  It would be very nice Adobe, if you could generate a list of users and keep us informed about the newest developments with the Captivate/Apple fiasco.


                                                                                  Thank you for your understanding!

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                                                                                    aldisney_alltrades Level 1

                                                                                    I've seen your responses to users over the years, and have really really found your help valuable on the forums on a number of occasions, but, in this case, I have to say that you're absolutely wrong about users who upgraded quickly, for a few different reasons.


                                                                                    1. Does Creative Cloud work in Mavericks? Like a champ! I've not encountered problems with any of the CC applications (or, for that matter, the one I'm prerelease testing, either). So, this indicates that Adobe absolutely did have teams testing their applications in Mavericks well enough in advance to make any necessary changes. Apparently, the Captivate team just wasn't one of them.
                                                                                    2. It doesn't matter whether Camtasia, or Storyline, or whomever else makes eLearning software is having problems; I'm not paying for Camtasia, Storyline, etc. I'm paying for Adobe Captivate, partly because my other tools are Adobe as well. Furthermore, I'm paying for a subscription service that I'm likely to be unable to use for at least a couple of weeks. At a bare minimum, Adobe had a responsibility to notify it's users - particularly subscription users - not to upgrade, since they, for whatever reason, didn't bother to test Captivate on Mavericks prior to launch. Instead, Adobe released a poorly-written blog post 6 days after Mavericks was released. I don't care what the reason for the delay was, it's unacceptable.
                                                                                    3. It's not like Adobe Captivate 6 or 7 have been stellar product releases. Both versions have had numerous bugs, have failed to adequately address user needs, and fall short of their advertised capabilities (the HTML5 content in particular is pretty terrible). Add to this the absurd pricing scheme for Captivate and the eLearning suite, and it's just insult to injury at this point.


                                                                                    For what it's worth, I recognize that eLearning authoring tools aren't particularly sexy to work on, and that, as frustrated as I get with Captivate, I recognize that I prefer it over the alternatives. That's precisely why this is such a mess. In my own situation, I currently have a subscription, but my team purchased v6, since Adobe doesn't make subscription pricing available for teams (which, as an aside, is asinine). While I may be able to upgrade to v7 on my main laptop, my files will be incompatible with my team's.


                                                                                    So my decisions now are, as far as I see them:

                                                                                    • Upgrade to version 7, and simply take over projects if I have to
                                                                                    • Install VMWare and run Windows on my Mac, then run Captivate from there
                                                                                    • Move to a different authoring tool


                                                                                    None of these options are appealing. Most egregiously, I shouldn't have to make this choice for software released in 2012!


                                                                                    In any case, keep up the good work - like I said, I've valued your contributions here for a long time. I just think that, in this case, you're being short-sighted.

                                                                                    • 39. Re: Captivate 7 on OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)
                                                                                      aldisney_alltrades Level 1

                                                                                      To answer your question, no, there was no communication to Adobe Captivate users on this. There was a blog post over at the Captivate blog about 6 days after Mavericks was released. The Captivate Facebook and Twitter accounts linked to the blog post... once.


                                                                                      Adobe's Captivate team is supremely embarrassed over this, and that's why they're keeping quiet, or they simply don't provide the same level of support than most other Adobe product teams do. I can't understand the near-silence around it otherwise.


                                                                                      In either case, after using Captivate since version 1, I'm looking at alternatives.

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