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    4k footage in 2k project

    Kevin Rietveld

      Hi all,

      i was trieing to import some jvc 4k footage in a 2 k project.

      I imported the files and so far no problem al looks great.

      Then i wanted to zoom in on the 4k footage to change the shot.

      That didnd work, the footage was 1920x1080 and no way i could downscale the footage.


      My plan is to use a 4k camera for presentations.

      i want to load the footage 2 times into a 1920x1080 timeline

      1 time in a wide shot

      1 time zoomed in


      is there a way to do that?

      for testing i used a 4k example from jvc



      when i load this in 4 k sequence its 4k

      and on a 2k sequence its 1920x1080