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    Rolling number display

    abcMe Level 1
      I am looking for the code or how to add a rolling number display. I just want to have it keep rolling numbers every second up by 1. What this is showing is how many surveys have been done to date. I would like for it to look like a counter but it just counts auto. So the web page would say: 2,000,001 new surveys taken so then maybe the next time they open it would say 2,750,002 surveys new surveys taken. Something like a timer but rolling up and with numbers. HELP! Can someone please tell me how to do this or the code to place in. Thanks for any help.
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          check the sharedobject and the date class. you can use them both to "adjust" your counter when users return to your site.

          you can use any loop (setInterval() and onEnterFrame, for example) to "update" your counter while they are on your site.