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    Making fields "required" using if statement

    Rich_Henderson Level 1



      This maybe really trivial for someone, but I am trying to make a text field 1 become a required field if someone ticks checkbox 1. This is how far I have got:


      var one = this.getField("Check Box 1");

      var two = this.getField("Text Box 1");

      if (one.value == "True") { two.mandatory = "error" } else {two.mandatory = "disabled"};


      I have entered this as a mouse up action in the check box. There are no errors when I have done this, but it doesn't make the field become a mandatory field.


      Also; would this be a similar script if I wanted to make the field visable/hidden with a check box using .presence = "hidden"/.presence = "visible"?


      Any and all help appreciated!