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    Replace Footage - Limitations: No [Undo] & no [Replace from Media Browser]


      Unless I have missed something (quite possible)...


      it would be good to see the following enhancements to Premiere CC:

      • [Replace Footage] to be included in the [Undo] list.
      • [Replace by item selected in Media Browser] to be added as an option when replacing an item in the [Project] pane.


      Why these would be useful:


      As an example: I started off with a Premiere CC timeline of clips of XDCAM-EX footage.   XDCAM-EX footage needs careful treatment because it is file-structure based and spanned, broadly like AVCHD.  To get such footage properly into Premiere, it is necessary to use the Media Browser, and not simply to drag in the "essence" files, namely the [.mp4] files (within that file-structure).  It is ok to drag from Media Browser to Project pane, because that operation recognizes all relevant information in the file-structure, returning a single clip at the highest level, which possibly maps to more than one [.mp4] file, spanned.  This method spares the user such detail.


      Ok so far


      Next I selected one such clip in Project pane and did [clip >RightClick> Replace footage], replacing it with an enhanced copy (which was an [.avi] file encoded via the "visually lossless" GoPro-Cineform codec).  That succeeded nicely.


      So still ok.


      But then (as dark clouds gathered...), experiment complete, I tried to [Undo].  But it didn't ... undo the [Replace footage] that is.  Doesn't seem reasonable to me, and certainly not convenient.  Imagine in real life if it was only following a replacement that some problem with the replacement-footage was noticed (or, hypothetically. if Premiere treated it in some unexpected way).  No way to undo!   Gah!


      The workaround is not simply a case of doing a further [Replace footage] in the project pane, because that only brings up a file browser, there's no option to use item selected in Media Browser.  So it's not possible to select the original XDCAM-EX footage in the proper manner, only a single file such as the [.mp4] essence file.  And that would be a bad idea, especially for a spanned clip (over more than one [.mp4] file.  Hmm...


      Which leaves the clunkier work-around of re-importing the original footage via Media Browser, so it appears in the project pane, then selecting it, then going down to each individual occurrence of it on the timeline level and in each case doing [Replace with clip] using [From bin], i.e. the original footage in the Project pane.  Furthermore, while any metadata (e.g. "Log Notes") on the original item (prior to replacement) gets transferred to the replacement footage, that metadata is not "inherited" by the fresh import of the same original footage, so if required then it has to be entered or copied across manually.  Ugh!


      So, would the enhancements to Premiere suggested at the beginning be a good idea?

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          I think the way it works now is the best way.  Imagine trying to undo your edits and you inadvertently undo the Replace without noticing.  You can always 'undo' the Replace manually with another Replace.


          Or better yet, with a  Make Offline and then Relinking, which does give the option of using Media Browser.

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            DavidGaryEsp Level 1

            Thanks for your reply Jim, here are my further thoughts in response.


            As regards the Undo behaviour:

            • Equally one could inadvertently undo anything else that might be important.  Care is always needed.
            • Ideally Premiere should show explicitly what it's about to undo, e.g. under [Edit], it could say "Undo <such-and-such>", as do some other applications.
            • If it's a general concern, perhaps there could be an (optional) "Are you sure" confirmation-popup in the case of media un-replacement.


            Regarding the "another replace" idea:

            • That would work for single-file media but not file-structure media such as XDCAM-EX or AVCHF, for reasons I explained i my original post.
            • ...and that led to the suggestion of adding the ability to replace by "item selected in Media Browser" (which would work for such media).
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              DavidGaryEsp Level 1



              I tried your other suggestion, "Make offline and then relink", but that didn't work, because (as far as I can see) it doesn't use the real Media Browser, as explained below.


              First I made one of the replaced clips offline then (with it selected in project pane) I did Menu:[Clip > Link Media], and in the dialog for that I double-checked that it had a check (tick) against [Use Media Browser to locate files]. 


              However when I clicked [Locate] it brought up a fresh window which acted like an ordinary file browser, not like the proper Media Browser (pane). The Locate-MediaBrowser did not recognize/present the XDCAM-EX file structure as a single clip (as the proper Media Browser would have done), it instead simply drilled-down to individual files like the [.mp4] essence file, which is not appropriate, especially when such a clip is spanned over more than one [.mp4] file.


              Again, unless i've missed something.


              Thanks for that suggestion though, it hadn't occurred to me.

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                Jim_Simon Level 9

                However when I clicked [Locate] it brought up a fresh window which acted like an ordinary file browser, not like the proper Media Browser (pane).


                Hmmm.  Show me, post a screen shot.

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                  DavidGaryEsp Level 1

                  Your work-around works, but I still wish Premiere's Undo feature could be enhanced, maybe in a way to please us both:


                  Ok Jim, I retract my comment about the "Locate-MediaBrowser" issue, that window (it turns out) was in its "File Directory / Directory Viewers" mode by default.  A click of its "Eye" button revealed other options, including [XDCAM-EX].  With the latter selected, the browser recognised my XDCAM-EX media at the proper top level.


                  So I conclude:

                  • The "Locate-MediaBrowser" is like the "proper" one apart from not automatically recognising camera-format type and going to that mode.
                    • In which case one of my suggestions already exists.
                    • I just wish the default view-mode was automatic, like the main MediaBrowser.
                  • Your "offline & relink" workaround does indeed work.  Thank you very much for that !
                  • I guess we will agree to differ over how Undo should treat media replacement.
                    • Below is a suggestion on one way Premiere could be changed to please both of us (and others...).


                  Maybe-ideally, both of our preferences would be met if say the History window would have a column of checkboxes for "Locked", meaning all changes are recorded but [Undo] will skip over those having a check-mark (when they could also be greyed-out).  The "Media Replace" action could have a default of "Locked", so it behaves the way you like.


                  I wish such a change-lock feature existed in any case, e.g. if I have made a string of color corrections etc. to various clips on timeline and then afterwards realise there is some "obscure show-stopping issue most productively solved by undo-ing".  One could lock the simple color correction effects etc. prior to undoing as far back as necessary to fix the issue (such as some media link or interpretation or sync issue).  I realise it is possible to achieve this by work-arounds, e.g. save to a Project copy then Import that copy and copy/paste attributes each effect across, or one could save Effect Presets and re-apply these after undoing.  But such workaround would be cumbersome if there were a number of different effect tweaks  on a variety of clips, and one would have to remember/note which clips these were (or else go through all clips).  And then there are non-effect changes, like "ripple trim" cut-timing tweaks.


                  It would also be helpful if the History-window said more specific things than just "Apply Effect" (like which effect) and if the History-window automatically came to the fore when applying an Undo.  Those things together would reduce the likelihood of unintended undo's of any kind.


                  For posterity, and in case it helps anyone else, here are some illustrative screen-shots of relinking via Locate-MediaBrowser, in the two different view-modes mentioned above:




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                    Jim_Simon Level 9

                    The "Media Replace" action could have a default of "Locked", so it behaves the way you like.


                    It's not a horrible idea, but given that replacing footage is probably not a very common action in Premiere Pro, at least compared to all the other things editors do, and given that there is already a way to get the job done, I do feel Adobe's time would be better spent on other things that would benefit more users.


                    And let's not forget the update about to hit.  It will change things in this department as well, making the process of replacing footage easier and finally providing Premiere Pro with a workable 'proxy' capability.

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                      DavidGaryEsp Level 1

                      Sounds great , I look forward to installing that update!  Though I'll cautiously wait until after my current mega editing project is complete (a month or so).


                      As fate would have it, media replacement is key to my highest-quality workflows, not for proxy purposes but for things like replacing originally recorded interlaced HDV (1440x1080) by enhanced and non-long-GOP (e.g. GoPro-Cineform) equivalents such as double-framerate progressive (one full progressive frame for each original interlace field, derived by motion interpolation in AviSynth) at the more standard HD 1920x1080, possibly denoised, deshaken etc..   I have done this kind of thing many times in another NLE and it seems (from other forum questions and from my own small tests) to work equally well with Premiere.  So fingers-crossed.


                      Proxy capability would definitely be handy, but not essential.  Just for interest I downloaded some 4K footage and to my surprise/delight it played just fine in Program Monitor (1/4, Fit) on my 4 core (8 pipe) i7 GPU-assisted HP laptop.  Soon I will fit an SSD 2nd (media) drive, whose numbers suggest (especially for sequential data, like video mostly is) that it should be basically as fast as a 7-disk RAID from three or four years ago.  So I've already hit the problem by investing in raw power.  Nonetheless, proxy support is always good to have around, giving flexibility for very-multi-camera projects or to make editing practical and comfortable on less powerful systems.


                      Now what I really hope Adobe will add sometime is "auto arrange clips in Sequence/timeline by timecode", especially for situations (like all-day at a huge industrial site) where recording cannot be continuous and audio is not the same at each camera, but that's another story, that other people have already raised in other threads.


                      Cheers Jim, and many thanks for your help,