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    Photoshop CC (64 bit): Entry Point not found

    Jari.O Level 1



      Just updated the Photoshop CC (64 bit) and after update the whole thing does not work anymore. When you try to start Photoshop CC you get an ugly message stating:


      Photoshop.exe - Entry Point Not Found

      The procedure entry point

      ?ProposeSearchBounds@StructuralImageEditing@@YA?AVBox@1@AEB ...

      could not be located in the dynamic link library D:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC (64bit)\Photoshop.exe


      Any ideas? I really need the P CC so any help is valuable! The platform is Windows 8 / 64 bit and the P CC used to work..



      The 32-bit version of P CC works. So it is only the 64 bit version that does not start.


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