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    Mac 5.1 Audio HDMI In Premiere wrong channels




      I'm trying to create a simple 5.1 mix and running into issues. I'm simply creating a new sequence and choosing 5.1 from the Tracks tab and from there I can drag a WAV onto either a stereo or mono track and in the mixer move the puck within the 5.1 area to send the audio to the desired speakers. It may seem like the front speakers and center are fine But if I move the puck to the the rear left surround speaker it'll come out of my front right speaker. Also If I were to move it to the right surround, it'll end up going to the subwoofer. I'm going audio HDMI out over a displayport to my amp. Amp is showing 7.1 multi channel in. I have also checked using the MIDI tool on the macbook as well and it's correctly mapped.


      Just want to point out that the 5.1 channels work perfectly in Adobe Audition CS6 but the problem also persists in Premiere CS6. I must be doing something wrong for Premiere not to work, surely?


      Any suggestions? Thanks in advance