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    Creative Cloud and Proxy Support

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      To whom it may concern,


      I am a Technical Specialist for an Enterprise. We use Astaro (now Sophos) as a our proxy appliance. We use Active Directory based authentication to provide internet access to our clients.


      I am currently in the process of building a SOE for our Mac workstations. It is based on Mac OS X 10.8.4 and uses deploy studio to install. We have used the Creative Cloud packager to build an installer that contains all the packages for the Creative Cloud suite. The whole suite is installed but I need to be able to connect to the activation servers via the proxy to finalise the installation after deploying the SOE.


      When I run the Creative Cloud installer, I am prompted for credentials even though the credentials are stored in the user keychain. When I monitor the proxy activity log, I cannot see these credentials being passed to the proxy. I can see requests being generated but the user is "" or null.


      What authentication methods are supported by the Creative Cloud application in regards to proxies? Are there any logs available to narrow down the problem?


      The other thing I have noticed, is the Creative Cloud is not honouring the sites in the proxy bypass list. For example if I have in the proxy bypass list under 'System Preferences', 'Network', 'Advanced', 'Proxies', and I try to login into Creative Cloud, I still have requests to this IP address in the proxy log.


      Is there a seperate config file for the proxy settings for Creative Cloud?


      I also want to pass on that this has cost me (and my company) so far about 4 business days of time so far to diagnose and troubleshoot. We never had these issues with are previous Adobe Volume Licencing agreement and the CS6 product family. Our support techs have admitted that they breach company policy everytime a new mac is deployed just to be able to get CC installed by bypassing our security measures and connecting the mac directly to the internet as they have found that the only reliable method of being able to complete the installation procedure.


      This is not an acceptable solution - moving to a redeployable SOE will only make this problem worse as our macs will periodically get re-imaged meaning that we will have to reactivate Creative Cloud again for our users to again have access to their tools and perform their tasks.


      I do not believe that our infrastructure is very different to any other Enterprise out there (eg Internet access only via authenticated user) so I am not sure why this was not suppported out of the box.


      I would appreciate any help you can provide.