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    CFCHART bug in CHF 2

    Sean Coyne-cKxAXa
      I believe I have found a bug in the CFCHART fix for Cumulative HotFix 2 ( http://www.adobe.com/go/kb400996)

      I have the following CFCHART call which works w/o the patch installed:

      <cfset colors ="ff0000,00ff00,0000ff,ffff00,ff00ff,00ffff,ffcc00,ff00cc,f0ccf0,ccff00,cc00ff">
      <cfchart showlegend="no" format="flash" tipstyle="mouseover" rotated="yes" show3d="yes" backgroundcolor="ffffff">
      <cfchartseries type="pie" query="qryGetResults" valuecolumn="numresp" itemcolumn="answerds" colorlist="#colors#">

      However when I run the page with the hotfix installed it fails with a Null Pointer Exception and indicates the the cfchartseries call is the line in question. It does this whether I specify the colorlist attribute or not. The query is not failing in either case, so I am pretty sure that the changes to CFCHART in the hotfix are causing the issue.

      I am not sure how to submit a formal bug to Adobe, but figured at least this is a good start.