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    Still images disappear, please help




      I'm really new to using After Effects, so please bear with me if this is something obvious for most of you. I am trying to create a wedding montage with After Effects. I downloaded a trial version as I came across this free template online (youtube) that came with a tutorial video. So I got all the programs and imported all the still images to the project. Everything worked well. Transitioned from picture to picture. Except, for some reason, all my images flicker once it shows up after 4 seconds. Now I'm probably using the wrong terms to describe my issue so I'll try to describe it another way. All my images disappear for a split second within the 4-5 second mark of every composition (hope I used this term correctly). Can someone please help me? My fiance would be extremely grateful!

      If I got the time, I would definitely take some online lessons as this After Effects program is amazingly fun. Unfortunately my wedding is in less than a month so I don't have the time to learn all there is to know and create a nice montage video myself.


      Thanks for your time,