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    Rendering/Exporting Overheating ASUS


      Okay getting completely irritated with these issues of overheating when I even just am rendering a video to get ready for export (and also on exporting)


      Computer Specs:

      Windows 8 64-bit

      System Model CM1855

      BIOS 0802

      AMD FX(tm)-8120 Eight-Core Processor (8CPUS), 3.1GHz

      Memory 8192MB RAM

      Page File 2211MB used 7100avail

      DirectX 11 Version


      I have tried setting power controls to the CPU to 80% but using SpeedFan I can see the CPU usage still spiking 90%-98% and heating just keeps rising and rising til shutdown.


      Idle CPU


      speedfan idle.png

      Rendering Usage in Balanced Power Settings

      speedfan rendering.png


      Rendering Usage in High Power Settings


      I really suck at understanding these things.  But changing from Balanced to High Power didnt seem to affect the rendering times.  But also the time was down at like 20-40 minutes before I started messing with the power controls now its at over 2 hours.


      Finished a small render with success but it got pretty hot again and Norton pops up saying High CPU usage by PPro.  100% was hit quite a bit too.



      If someone could help me out I have 2 wedding videos to get completed.