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    Acrobat XI losing serialization after deployment?

    Ric@PCC Level 2

      We're a CC/Enterprise customer and  just ran our first Windows deployment test (we use Symantec Ghost) and had some unexpected results when we tested the systems we imaged.


      For the test, I built a lightweight MSI with the CC Packager that just included Acrobat XI and Photoshop CC. I created a batch file to first run the ExceptionDeployer.exe with the parameters --workflow=install --mode=pre --installLanguage=en_US. After that completed the batch ran the MSI built in packager and then the ExceptionsDeployer again in "post" mode.


      On the imaged workstations, we discovered the following:


      - If Photoshop was launched first, both programs would launch correctly (activated, no EULA, etc.)

      - If Acrobat XI was launched first, it would exit a few seconds after the splash screen appeared. Further attempts to launch it would not even produce the splash screen. Then, when I launched Photoshop, it would demand an Adobe ID login.

      - Running adobe_prtk on the system would fix all the activation and launch issues.


      The batch file/installer worked perfectly on a test system I set up as an individual machine install. Any ideas why it's not holding up under a deployment?