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    .oam file of html5 video trigger code not working in Muse


      I simply want to have a video play on page load. I have done the code for a trigger on one <div> to automatically play a video in Edge. The video plays perfectly in browser preview, even with transparency intact! Just the way I want it. The problem is when I insert .oam file in Muse it doesn't work. Other animations of simple objects and key frames work fine in Muse. But, I can make much more beautiful animations for certain elements in After Effects, with transparency and integrate them with elements in Muse. The video, its transparency and other objects work great from Edge to browser preview but not when .oam file is exported and placed into Muse. I know, I wouldn't build an entire site like this, I just want one or two animations to play automatically, with out controls (which I've been able to do), when the page is loaded.


      I publish with business catalyst to a my own domain, with Creative Cloud.


      Attached is a video where I'm at.


      What is the code or method to get to work?