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    Help wanted for modifying script


      This is a new request following an answer from an earlier thread.


      I have got written permition from Steve Wareham to use his script, and get it modifyed to suit my needs. I offered him to do the job for me, but he asked me to pass it on. I don't know anything about scripting, so I would like someone to do the job for me.


      The script is this one from the earlier discussion no. 5799917, kindly modified and posted by Vandy88: http://forums.adobe.com/message/5799917#5799917

      As mentioned in the end, I would like to recieve help on having the script modified to have another option in the dialogbox "Perform operation on" where I can chose a page range for the script to be affecting?

      ie: From page ____ to page ____ .

      I want to use this on long documents with step-by-step instructions, where I sometimes need to remove a step in the middle, and therefore need the numbers changed for the rest of the document. The textboxes with numbers are using Paragraph Styles and are not linked. Due to other reasons it is not a solution to just link the textflow.



      I will pay a reasonable fee for help on this. Please include an estimate on the cost for re-scripting this.

      It needs to work on InDesign CS6 (IE version) and preferable on CC too.