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        wildplaces1 Level 1

        I solved the problem eons ago...not a problem at all now using Win7 Pro 64 bit

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          welshaddict Level 1

          I use Firefox if I can't get it too work on IE but it does work using IE on some sites.


          Hope this helps

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            I deploy PDF files for my Blackboard coursework and discovered that I can open them in 32 bit versions of IE8 or IE9, under the Windows 7, 64 bit OS.. I am unable to open the Blackboard PDF files under IE9 64 bit,  unless they are saved under the "Open in New Window" Blackboard option. So for now I am exclusively using the 32 bit version of IE9. I suspect this anomaly may manifest itself across various other applications.

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              i know this is a while after the original post was made, but at my business only 9.5(for xp) and 10.1.3(for 7) versions of adobe work with other programs we use. so one of the users called in about everytime her ie9 opened a pdf, it would crash. So, after seeing the first couple of posts (and a few other forums)saying its a compatibility issue, i decided to use the below option.(not sure if anyone above suggested it tho)


              go to:

              tools > preferences

              select internet from the left list.

              where you see Display PDF in browser uncheck it.


              this will open all your pdf files in your actual adobe program.

              not sure if the most recent update fixed this ie9 issue, but if you don't want to mess with getting a new browser just to open pdf files, this is a good option to try. Fixed the user up so she could continue to work, so i was happy with the fix.

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                jayroz52 Level 1

                Hey thanx for the input windows 7 -ie10- still has issues, I'll try your idea... What I have been doing is "save target as" ( to desktop)as a work around...j

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                  hrhartist Level 1

                  Yea, I had to do it with a user the day I posted here, and it appears to be working. We are still using ie9 tho, havnt made the jump to ie10 because it probably doesn't work with some of the programs our business users  use...

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                    jayroz52 Level 1

                    Agagagaga- I tried every trick I know to get to a  workable pdf- all my tech friends say they don't know what the hell I b talkin 'bout!?!?! Anyway- maybe windows 8 will fix some-o-this!?! WHAT THE HELL was wrong with xp? Nothing nada zilch- it always worked... Ltr...j

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                      Here it is 2013.....................still not fixed!!

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                        Flying_Kiwi Level 1

                        The same goes for any sign of Reader X toolbars or buttons working with a 150% Windows 7 Display setting under Internet Explorer. After I visited their UK HQ some time ago with paper print outs detailing the problem, Adobe kindly fixed this issue with 125% but alas the same problem with the 150% setting seems to have been ignored so the issue is only half addressed.


                        Maybe it's time for me to pop in and pay Adobe another visit when I'm next in Maidenhead.

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                          Doug.S Level 3

                          Yes try to open pdf in ie9 x32 and it says program broken; works OK in ie9 x64


                          Anyone know how to fix in ie9x32?



                          WOW kept searching and found....set reader prefs (internet) to open in reader (not via web browser) and now opens pdf's OK

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                            billy1r Level 1

                            I have IE9 x 64. Doesn't work for me!

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                              Running 2 identical 2010 Toshiba Satellite A665 Laptops: Win 7/64 Hm Prem, IE8, latest Reader version.

                              After several years with no laptop probs at all,  esp pdf browser popups from bank website.....


                              Upgraded to IE9 and Reader XI,  2 weeks ago. For a couple days, IE9 seemed to be a better faster browser.....

                              until i balanced my books.... No PDF popup statement. Just "about blank".

                              Additionally, all username and passwords no longer available in autofill.

                              The arty wife wasn't havin that, and my business was frozen in it's tracks.


                              After several stressful, frustrating late nights with both laptops uninstalling and reinstalling, rebooting, waiting

                              and visiting this forum seferal times,  trying all recomended patches to no avail, I finally stumbled onto one simple solution for both issues.

                              One user mentioned Google Chrome browser has an excellent autofill.

                              In 15 yrs, I had never even considered switching to a browser other than IE.


                              In desperation, I finally had to try it, figured it would suck, and I'd prob end up switching back to IE later.


                              No way. Chrome is twice as fast as IE, Much cleaner, and boasts complete adobe integration.

                              Autofill is awesome, and customizeable..... download and Install was a breeze.


                              I was up and running in 5m on both laptops, with favorites imported from IE.

                              After 2weeks of regular use, no hung video on websites, just incredible speed, clean instant pdf loads, and immediate autofill.

                              No compatability probs w Kaspersky or Win Firewall.


                              Status: Wife is happy arting, Business is up and running, and I was finally able to take a 4hr bike ride today.

                              Oh what a difference a browser can make.


                              IE: Uninstalled.


                              Jeez, what an easy solution. We are done w/ IE.


                              Thanks Adobe and Google for complete integration before release.!

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