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    motion sketch issues


      while trying to use motion sketch in CS6 AE I click on start to capture and as I do my cursor turns into cross hairs but when I move the cross hairs it turns back into a cursor and I cannot track my object and it does not start the time.  nothing happens.  My layer is highlighted and the levels are appropriate and the 2 boxes are checked off.  Why is this?  anyone.

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You haven't provided nearly enough information for anyone to help you troubleshoot.

          Are you using After Effects version 11.0.0? 11.0.1? 11.0.2? or 11.0.3?

          What OS are you using?

          Have you used this feature before?

          Does it work in a new project, in a blank comp, with nothing but a null object?

          When you say it "cannot track my object", what do you mean? Are you doing motion tracking or are you using motion sketch?

          What do you mean by "the levels are appropriate"? What levels?

          What are your computer's specs?

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            Same Thing is happening to me.



            first time using motion sketch

            using motion sketch

            Does not work in a blank comp with a null object. i have the same problem


            when you click on the "Start Capture" button, i get the cross hairs, but as soon as i move my mouse off the button it switches back to the pointer. please help.


            Comp Specs:

            2011 macbook pro, 16gb ram, i7 processor, dual core