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    Type Tool Not Functional Since Id CC Download


      Hi There!

      Prior to CC Membership, I had Ai CS5 and PS CS5. I just signed up for Creative Cloud, and I need InDesign. Since downloading Id CC, the type tool doesn't work in either Ai CS5 or Id CC. In PS, if I try to create a text box, I get an error: "Could not complete your request because something prevented the text engine from being initialized". When I uninstall Id, everything works fine. (My CS5 versions, that is).


      I am hoping this is a simple quick-fix, but talking to Adobe Help Online didn't help. Not sure if the guy knew anything. I cannot find information on this problem anywhere. I need Id as soon as possible. It is pointless without type.


      For reference, I am running the programs on a Win 8 PC.


      Thanks !