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    Adobe After Effects (CS2) Question. Please Help!!!


      Hi All,


      I use Adobe After Effects CS2 and I am currently trying to make a still 2D Photoshop CS2 Image, into a 3D Short Movie (7 Seconds or so) on After Effects. However, when I import my Photoshop Image into After Effects, it only has a time duration of 2 Frames (0.2 Seconds I think?). I need this duration of time for the picture increased (as it is a still picture movie) but I'm not sure how to do it after fiddling around with my After Effects for about 2 - 3 Hours. I need to be able to put the time duration of my picture so it is able to be showing up on screen for about 15 Seconds. Also, how to you add 3D Text onto an After Effects picture? (In the movie). I really need help with this as I want this After Effects Film to be completed ASAP!!!


      Any help would be highly appreciated!