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    Uneven pen pressure in Photoshop CS6 Extended with Wacom Intuos5


      I got Photoshop CS6 Extended recently, but the lines I draw in it aren't smooth, like they should be (example below).

      The tablet produces perfect lines in any other bit of software (Flash,  ToonBoom, etc.), but not Photoshop. I've tried lots of different  solutions (uninstalling and reinstalling it, reverting back to an  earlier driver, clearing preferences, etc.), to no avail. Oddly, my  Intuos3 works fine in Photoshop, for a few minutes, before it crashes. If I try to adjust the Wacom Tablet Properties for CS6, it doesn't recognize any changes, but if I adjust the settings for Photoshop CS4, it does. All Wacom Drivers are up-to-date.

      Any ideas on how to fix this would be most appreciated.