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    Completing the same form for additional products


      We are collecting data from manufacturers as to the products being displayed on their exhibition stands.  In order for the data to be collected for each product, so it is listed on a seperate line in an excel spreadsheet I have put together the questions for each product on one form.  The manufacturer then needs to complete the form for each product displayed, which could be 30 - 40 items.  Is there a way to ask them if they wish to enter another product and if they answer yes they are given the form again to complete but without having to add their company and email address again?  In effect I want the company and email address to appear automatically on all forms completed after their initial entry or any additional forms after their first entry to link to the first one so we know who it has come from and the entries are linked when exporting to excel.  I also have the same issue with another form where we are asking delegates to book to attend an event and the same person is booking for 4 or 5 different delegates from the same company.  It would be easier if they did not have to re-enter their company details each time.


      I hope this makes sense.