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    Trouble Exporting to PDF


      I am having trouble exporting one file to PDF. I try other indd files and they export prefectly fine. Just this one file. When I export it has the message "background task: Failed to export a PDF"


      I try couple solution online that I find

      1. Disable preflight and restart InDesign

      2. Add the document to a new book and export from the book panel


      The only think that I couldn't try is Disable background exporting.

      I am having a little trouble there....I did create an empty ext file and save it as "DisableAsynExport.txt"

      but I seem to have trouble going to the folder. It said that you need to go...


      Mac: /Applications/Adobe InDesign CS5.5/Adobe InDesign CS5.5.app/Contents/MacOS/

      When I got to Adobe InDesign CS5.5.app it opens the app instead of opening another folder... not sure if there is another way to open it.


      So when I go to Mac: /Applications/Adobe InDesign CS5.5/

      It has Adobe Indesign CS5.5.app, Configuration folder, Documentation folder, Fonts folder, Legal folder, Plug-Ins folder, Presets folder, Scripts folder and Uninstall Adobe InDesign CS5.5


      So I have not clue where the Contents/MacOS is??

      Would be best is someone can help me....

      Thank you so much!!!