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    sluggish response off photoshop CC on load


      Does anyone know how to overcome the horribly sluggish load time for photoshop CC?


      That is, when the app loads, it takes at least a minute before I can load a file, most of the time 2-3 minutes.


      I am running a quad processor 2.4GHz computer/8G ram  that's less than 6 months old. Seriously adobe... This is ridiculous.


      It seems like all your content works similarly too. the "Creative Cloud" app is something of a joke. Takes 2 minutes to load, andother minute or 3 to show info, and when an app needs an update, well, jsut look out. You're in for a long wait while adobe chugs along at 1980s connection speeds. (I am on a 24 down 7 up connection, there's no excuse)





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          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

          Moving this discussion to the Photoshop General Discussion forum.


          Ajah you may want to review the steps listed in Optimize performance | Photoshop CS4, CS5, CS6 - http://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/kb/optimize-performance-photoshop-cs4-cs5.html.  The steps appear to still be applicable to Photoshop CC. 


          You may also want to review your task manager to see if there any processes which are using excessive CPU usage.

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            Ajah Level 1

            Thanks Jeff. I read through the link. The only thing I see that *might be of benefit is purchasing an SSD drive.


            But honestly, considering every other application I use on this nearly brand new, relatively high powered machine loads rather quickly, with the exception of adobe apps, and so I'm not too game to purchase additional hardware just because Adobe can't get its apps to load like the vast majority of other professional level applications I use and have used (ie, quickly).


            When I load photoshop, it is usually the SOLE application being loaded. All else is system, and my system doesn't negatively impact load times for anything else (including applications like autocad and a variety of IDEs for programming, for web dev, PCB design, etc.). It loads the annoying splash screen just fine (and stalls there for 30 or 40 seconds, then loads the shell, and stalls for a minute or two, then finally, when I'm just about ready to kill it with the task manager out of frustration, finally allows me to open a file. I suspect the delay is that its connecting to your throttled, sluggish servers to tell you I'm running it.


            Further, that really doesn't explain why Adobe's "Creative Cloud" CC management app connects to its download servers are the racey speed of Crawl. (no detectable difference in comm speed speed whether I connect using hardwire connection @ 24 down or through my wifi @ ~7 down)


            Finally, the only applications I generally see (on the applicable PC, as briefly outlined in my original note) that are using excessive CPU cycles are the Adobe CC apps.