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    movieclip rotation duplication

      Hello all,

      I have been battling with this for some time now so some advice would be so great!

      I need to create a button that will show a movieclip on the centre of the stage but also when you click the same button many times the movieclip on the stage loops changes till the user has the one they want and the images will loop in order. i.e. image1, then image2, then image3, then image1 again etc. they can then drag this image to somewhere on the screen, leave it there, and then if they want another image - do the same process. I have the drag and drop thing down, as well as a theory for the looping of the movieclip choices (jumping along the buttons movieclip timeline).

      My problem is the duplication of the main movieclip. for example, say they have chosen their movieclip from the 3 available and have dragged it to the position they wish, now how can I make it so that if they click the button again they get a new rotation of movieclips as appossed to changing the one already on the screen? and also how do I go about placing the movieclip options in the centre of the screen when the button is clicked to begin the choice of movieclips.

      I really hope that makes sense to someone, it's quite complicated to explain

      Any help greatly appreciated, Anna